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Teen Who Flipped Off Judge Apologizes, Avoids Jail Sentence [Video]

Teen who flipped off judge apologizes

Penelope Soto, the teen who gave a Miami-Dade judge the middle finger and was sentenced to 30 days in jail, tearfully apologized in court Friday.

Soto, 18, appeared before Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat Monday after she was arrested on charges of possession of Xanax. The teenager laughed throughout the proceeding and gave a sarcastic “Adios” after Rodriguez-Chomat set her bail at $5,000. As she began to walk away, the judge called her back and raised the bail to $10,000. Soto angrily gave Rodriguez-Chomat the finger and told him, “Go f*** yourself.” The judge called her back a second time and found the teenager in contempt, sentencing her to 30 days in county jail. Soto shrugged the sentence off and said, “OK, that’s fine,” before walking away a third time.

Friday, Soto was back in court with a markedly different attitude. Subdued and apologetic, Soto told Rodriguez-Chomat, “My behavior was very irrational and I apologize not only to the court and you but to my family.” The teen began to cry before the judge told her, “Don’t cry, I’m not a monster,” and urged her to continue.

“And I normally don’t act like that,” Soto finished. Rodriguez-Chomat asked if she had taken any Xanax before her first hearing and she said that she took two. The judge said he hoped she learned a couple of lessons and vacated her sentence, saying that she now had the opportunity to go to a drug treatment facility.

“Obviously, you have a drug addiction,” the judge said. He also said he should not hold her completely responsible and said that profanity in society makes teenagers think it’s OK to use that kind of language.

What do you think of Penelope Soto’s apology? Do you think she has learned her lesson?

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68 Responses to “Teen Who Flipped Off Judge Apologizes, Avoids Jail Sentence [Video]”

  1. George Yount

    It is no doubt one of the most insincere "apologies" ever given. She should get 30 days and then really learn a lesson. Who wouldn't apologize in order to not serve a 30-day sentence.

  2. Ian Elliott

    A formal apology is understood not to express feelings of remorse, but as a declaration of intention not to repeat the offense. The judge was lenient with her and this will encourage her to have a cooperative attitude towards authority in the future.

  3. Arlene Williams

    BS… She should serve the time & pay the penelty for her actions!

  4. Cathy Vo

    learned her lesson? Hell No! spending the time in jail-might put some sense in her! she only apoligized because her lawyer talked her into..she is not sincere, and would do it again in a heartbeat! judge was too lenient on her..

  5. Laurie Ciallela File

    agreed, she is a punk, and needs to be put in her place to learn a lesson.

  6. Melanie Heather Feather

    yea..i love how she thought it was so funny in the 1st video and didn;t give a shit…unreal…srsly

  7. Karen Hamilton Morris Foglesong

    This is what is wrong with people today. It was her lawyer who coached her to apologize. She did not learn anything except how to escape consequences.

  8. Lynz Brudos

    She should have been made to serve her sentence. Disrespectful punk.

  9. Carolyn Bishop Nelson

    I watched the video, with disbelief. She's a foul mouthed brat and was already given a second chance by the judge in the courtroom. I doubt she will learn anything by this experience. The judge should not have backed off.

  10. Amy DeLucca

    very sad to see judge changed his mind like that cuz that's the reason why people feel they can do whatever and get out of it, show a few tears and you don't go to jail that is BS , sad I was so hoppen one judges would stand behind his word!

  11. Lisa Schultz

    She apologized because a lawyer told her it would be in her favor to do so. If she lives to be 60 – maybe then she'll have seen the light. But I doubt she will. She's a punk who is voluntarily self-destructing.

  12. Lisa Schultz

    You don't know what I'VE been through!! BUT I've never been before a judge or even gotten a traffic ticket. Stop babying people like this! There should absolutely be a stigma and consequences to acting out like this.

  13. Betty Greenslate

    Put her in jail and teach our teens that is not right. You pay for your wrong doings…….

  14. Mercedes A Burt

    Lol, I think she thought about those 30 days more than feeling what she did was wrong. I'm glad she isn't going to jail though. Jail times makes "trouble makers" into criminals. She need a whooping from her Mom or something.

  15. Kristine Bravo

    I don't believe her tears but she didn't deserve the extended sentence the first time. Her crime was possession of Xanax, not being dumb. He added to her sentencing for personal and completely separate reasons.

  16. Michael Musicman Garceau

    Stupid, self-centered little bitch…She's so full of sh*t her eyes are brown. Wash her nasty mouth out with soap, beat her ass and send her jail anyway. NO TOLERANCE for teeny-bopper bullsh*t!

  17. Michael Musicman Garceau

    With big fat mouth and sh*tty attitude, she'll be back in the slammer before she's 21. You can count on that.

  18. Sarah Trevino-Anderson

    WOW! This thread just amazes me. My first question is "Hmmmm, I wonder how many of these "first stone throwers" claim religion or attend church services and if they go to those services thinking like that every weekend? My second question is… Who's the adult and who's the child in this situation? I've been her age and raised three daughters who are in their early to mid 20's, so I have plenty of experience with and exposure to girls this age. In fact, the human brain is not completely formed until around the age of 21. People, people, people… were you paragons of society at her age? It is QUITE clear to me that this young lady is still very immature, crying out for help to find her niche and path in life and in need of mature, adult guidance, NOT judgement, hate and condemnation. How hypocritical are we as a Nation to want prayer in schools and statehouses and want to profess to the world that we are, indeed, exceptional and a Christian Nation with attitudes such as these? To me, that's just lip service. I say, kuddos to this judge for his maturity in understanding that HE was the adult in charge and for possibly teaching this young woman a lesson in humility and compassion.

  19. Romeo Subialdea

    I think the judge paid a late night visit to Penelope and had her stroke his……. ego.

  20. Katie Patterson

    If she actually goes into rehab i can except he being let go but sadly i dont think thats going to happen. She did the crime she need to do the time whether its jail time or rehab.

  21. Bill Thomas

    I think thirty days in Jail would have been appropriate and actually might have taught this Young Lady a lesson, but since the Judge accepted an "apology" and the fact that this has gone quasi-viral I bet the first thing that she does when she is outside those walls is turn around and say…

  22. Bill Thomas

    I think thirty days in Jail would have been appropriate and actually might have taught this Young Lady a lesson, but since the Judge accepted an "apology" and the fact that this has gone quasi-viral I bet the first thing that she does when she is outside those walls is turn around and say…

  23. Misty Coombs

    I would think that by this judge's actions it is sending another message to the youth. cry after ther fact and all is forgiven. I think she should still have to serve the time, and pay her debt.

  24. Michael Musicman Garceau

    Sarah, you're just another "WAH WAH WAH" cry-baby…it's people with YOUR mentality that are the cause of these nasty little snakes being the way they are…shut up and deal!

  25. Sarah Trevino-Anderson

    Michael, I'm too much of a lady to say what I think about you. How rude, sir. You don't know me and I did not personally attack you. I have more class in the nail clippings I flush down the toilet than you will ever even imagine having in your entire life. You are crass and bore!

  26. Glenn W. Hawkins

    d then suspend the strange for Judge did what most parents do,idle threats!! Should have done the 30 days and suspended the crime sentence w/rehab. she would end up towing the.mark on rehab or more jail!!

  27. Kevin Peele

    Just another kid that got out of it, she should have to say in jail today kids have no respect to no one that is the problem with todays kids they need a good ass whipping like I did by mom and dad when I did wrong, now if mom and dad did whip there kids they go to jail.

  28. Kristine Bravo

    Lisa Schultz, that's what's wrong with people. We all think our sh** is worse than everyone else's and we all want to compare our own issues. It's all about how we were nurtured as children through our issues that we act the way we do later in life. Everyone needs to stop judging and comparing and get through this sh** together cause its already a difficult path.

  29. Sarah Trevino-Anderson

    Oh! And thought you might need this as you don't impress me as someone with above a fourth-grade vocabulary. Crass: without refinement, delicacy, or sensitivity; gross; obtuse; stupid: crass commercialism; a crass misrepresentation of the facts. 2. Archaic. thick; coarse.

  30. Bethany Andrews

    I believe in forgiveness and I believe there are consequences to your actions. When asking for foregiveness, you can be foregiven but if your actions do not show it, the consequences to your actions are still in force. This is not instant restoration. Prove it. It's for that persons own good; not the one waiting patiently for you to show them you mean it. And they can foregive you and mean it; but they don't have to accept you back into their life until you prove it.

  31. Allen Craft

    An apology without remorse is an empty statement of facts. This is what you get from public figures who are caught. You are misguided if you think that no remorse = apology. AND part of the problem.

  32. Sarah Trevino-Anderson

    Uh-oh, you probably need help with this one, too! Obtuse: 1. a. Lacking quickness of perception or intellect. b. Characterized by a lack of intelligence or sensitivity; and archaic just means old and out of date. Having read through your posts, I'd say these are pretty accurate descriptions of how you present yourself.

  33. Matt Mileur

    She was in JAIL….where did the Xanax come from? Sounds like someone else should be in trouble too but this rude little bitch belongs in jail!

  34. Cecilia Krnjeu

    XANAX is the worst med you'll ever have. Either you kill yourself or somebody else!

  35. Allen Craft

    The Founding Fathers never intended for America to be a "Christian Nation." It is there in the First Documents for all to see.

  36. Sam Civello

    she ain't sorry for doing those things she just didn't want to go to jail she derserves to if I was the judge I would still send her ass to jail it doesn't matter if she said she was sorry or not she still needs to go to jail all this tells her is you cry in front of a judge and u act like your sorry but u just trying to save yourself from jail so know she has learned u cry u get out of trouble she is going to be another Lindsey lohan.

  37. Jean Prete

    They all have an epiphany after they send a little time in jail, or even at the thought of it. He should have sent her ass to the slammer anyway. Teach these punks a lesson on how to conduct yourself in a court of law, and maybe, just maybe they will learn something from it.

  38. Mary A DiDio


  39. Sarah Trevino-Anderson

    I agree with you regarding that being what we get from public figures – apologies without remorse. But then why do we hold our average citizens (including this young woman) to a higher standard? That hardly seems fair. And yes, I know, I know, no one ever promised me the world is fair place.

  40. Deborah Deshields

    Do I think she learned her lesson I say no she just BS the court to be free. That is the problem with young teens today they think they can say and do what they want because they know the court will just smack there hand and send them on there way. I have never seen so many disrespectful young people in my life and this is why, She should have done all of her time and payed that big fine then the Judge should have ask her did she learn from it.

  41. Jean Prete

    The Courts are not there to coddle people. If you act like that in Court, you deserve to be punished. Bottom line. If she were respectful and remorseful, and even the slightest bit thankful that she was being given break in the first place, then maybe I could have a little empathy for her. But I pay taxes and the Courts are financed through tax dollars, and I want ungrateful, disrespectful, law breaking little punks to be punished for their actions. I work in the Court system and see far too many of these punks given opportunity after opportunity to change their behavior, and it doesn't work so well in many cases. That girl needed a good dose of good old fashioned spare the rod and spoil the child punishment!

  42. Iva Lilly Durham

    I have no idea if her apology was sincere. Doubt it. It might be just buckling under the pressure from another man in her life who has power she doesn't have. I think his behavior was close to abusive. She was under the influence of the Xanax. Sad all the way around in my opinion. Wonder why he said 'I'm not a monster?' Because he felt guilty?

  43. Iva Lilly Durham

    Since when does showing disrespect to someone get you 30 days in jail and a hefty fine. That was supposed to show her how to have respect for authority; you don't think he misused his authority? I do. Three days would have been sufficient. She's a drug addict.

  44. Debbie Smoot

    Wow what was that phrase…..first stone throwers or claiming religion strong words for a christian. Who is the adult and who is the child? Now isn't that calling the kettle black.

  45. Angelo Borer

    Dear Arlene You have the next event! I have the perfect and world wide unique tap dance solo show act ! regards Angelo Swiss-and European Champion..

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