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NBC Cancels ‘Do No Harm,’ Pulls ‘1600 Penn’ For A Week

Do No Harm canceled

NBC has canceled its midseason freshman drama Do No Harm after only two episodes.

The series has been pulled from the schedule effective immediately, Deadline reports.

For the next two weeks, reruns of Law & Order: SVU will air in the Thursday 10 pm timeslot. Going forward, the network can either put Rock Center back in that slot or air freshman series Hannibal.

Do No Harm, a modern adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, focused on Dr. Jason Cole (Steven Pasquale), a neurosurgeon who transforms into an evil, alternate personality named Ian Price every night at 8:25 pm. The transformation lasts exactly 12 hours, and Cole tries to suppress it by injecting a cocktail. He discovers that his body has grown immune to the injection, and Price isn’t very happy about Cole trying to suppress him. Price then sets about destroying Cole’s life.

The series posted the lowest ratings ever for an in-season scripted season premiere on a Big 4 network, drawing a 0.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic. Its second episode, which aired February 7, dropped 22 percent to 0.7.

Another NBC series that may be in danger of cancellation is the political comedy 1600 Penn. The network pulled the newcomer for one week following low ratings, and will air a two new back-to-back episodes of The Office in its place. 1600 Penn performed slightly better when it premiered, drawing a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic. Its second episode dropped 15 percent to 1.1.

1600 Penn centers on a dysfunctional First Family and stars Bill Pullman and Jenna Elfman.

Did you watch Do No Harm? Do you think it should have been canceled?

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16 Responses to “NBC Cancels ‘Do No Harm,’ Pulls ‘1600 Penn’ For A Week”

  1. Alan Gutcheon

    How could any network even think for a minute that "1600 Penn" would be a success? A few years ago, "The West Wing" aired and now "1600 Penn"? Two different shows about the same place? And then NBC actually thought it would get any success? Oh please. The fact is that ANY show airing on NBC is a loser, even "The Biggest Loser".

  2. Matthew Cione

    Dear Nbc Seinfeld did bad in ratting on its first season I liked Do No harm 1600 penn sucked But damn what are you fox Cancelling show after 1 episode No wonder why your net work is Losing.

  3. J. Parker Sebastian

    1600 is one of the worst shows I have ever seen.; it's idiotic, the comedy is forced, there really is no plot to any episode, and it's not even a little bit believable. I was disappointed after the first episode but wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately, the second and third episodes were it for me. I won't be back.

  4. Bridget Heidelbach

    It sucks that 1600 Penn is the worst because Josh Gad is phenomenal in general.

  5. Bridget Heidelbach

    Yeah I watched like 5 minutes of the first episode and it was the worst. Josh Gad though is awesome. I hope he finds something more suiting to him. He did a couple of correspondent bits on the Daily Show and they are the bests

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