Pet Parrot

Pet Parrot Saves Teen From House Fire

A British teen’s pet parrot saved him from perishing in a house fire on Thursday. The brave bird, a cockatiel named Cookie, alerted 17-year-old Ben Rees to a fire that originated from the teen’s bedroom.

Rees was taking a shower when sparks from a burning incense stick in his bedroom allegedly started the blaze. Rees was unaware that he was in danger until Cookie, whose perch was located in the teen’s bedroom, flew into the bathroom and began to frantically squawk.

BBC News writes that the faithful parrot repeatedly dive-bombed Rees in an effort to get his attention. Cookie continued his behavior until the teen became concerned enough to investigate. Leaving the bathroom, Rees was confronted with thick smoke. He quickly evacuated the house and called the local fire department.

Although Cookie was responsible for saving Ben Rees’ life, the pet parrot unfortunately did not survive the fire. The teen expressed his feelings toward the incident by saying:

“I’m heartbroken at losing my pet — he saved my life.”

According to MSN, the bird is a hero to Vicky Rees, the teen’s mother. She is saddened by the death of what she calls her son’s “guardian angel.” The grateful mother spoke of how Cookie’s efforts to save her son have impacted the family:

“Cookie sensed danger and seemed to know that Ben hadn’t realized his bedroom was on fire. If he hadn’t squawked and flapped like that I’m sure Ben would have died in there too. [We will] never forget what he did.”

Do you believe pets, like Ben Rees’ parrot, can sense and alert humans to danger?