John Harbaugh Hasn’t Heard From Brother Jim Since Super Bowl Win [Video]

John Harbaugh says he and brother Jim have not spoken since the Super Bowl.

Baltimore Ravens head coach John led his team to a 34-31 win over brother Jim’s San Francisco 49ers in Sunday’s Super Bowl. The pair haven’t spoken since, as John admitted to talk show host David Letterman on Thursday’s edition of The Late Show:

“We have not had a conversation since [the Super Bowl]. We will, soon.”

John was quick to add that there was no animosity between the pair. Indeed, the Ravens coach believes he’ll see his younger brother within the next fortnight:

“We have meetings coming up, we have a combine in two weeks.”

Harbaugh also revealed there was no way he could console his brother:

“There’s no consolation. There’s no way that you can console your brother. Anybody that has a brother knows that. You don’t console your brother, it doesn’t work.”

Letterman then asked whether or not John was relieved to have won this particular sibling battle. “Do you wake up thinking, ‘Thank god I beat him’?” probed the TV host. A laughing Harbaugh admitted:

“You know what, you do wake up thinking, ‘Thank god I beat him.’ “

Prior to the Super Bowl, it was revealed John and Jim Harbaugh were only communicating via text. However, as many Super Bowl viewers saw, the brothers shared a warm postgame handshake. We’re sure they’ll be best of buds again soon enough.