1978 Blizzard: Nemo Snow Storm Not As Dangerous?

1978 Blizzard: Nemo Snow Storm Not As Dangerous?

The 1978 blizzard may beat the Nemo blizzard as being the worst snow storm to hit the Northeast United States.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, some meteorologists had previously feared that the Nemo blizzard could have been worse than the 1978 blizzard. But the northeast being in the midst of the snowstorm gives meteorologists a chance to compare the two blizzards and they’re finding that Nemo may not be as powerful as feared.

According to Boston.com, the 1978 blizzard hung off the coast of New England for 36 hours, while the snow and wind produced by the blizzard Nemo are expected to ease by Saturday. The 1978 blizzard produced more than 30 inches of snow spread over the Northeast United States, while the Nemo blizzard isn’t expected to produce so much snow.

National Weather Service meteorologist and weather historian Paul J. Kocin expects the Nemo Blizzard of 2013 to not beat the 1978 blizzard for those two reasons:

“It’s that combination of coastal flooding, enormous high tides, hurricane force winds, and the driving snow that keeps [the 1978 blizzard] as sort of Number Uno.”

Another reason is that back in 1978 people failed to heed warnings about the oncoming blizzard. Nowadays, people are even using Twitter for emergency information. The weather forecasting technology has also improved dramatically:

“Our tools have changed tremendously. Back in 1978, forecasts were not that believable. Now we have much better tools.”

These experts say that “how long the storm persists is really important.” The 1978 blizzard hammered the Northeast through four full tide cycles, while the Nemo blizzard is only expected to last through just two high tides. The aftermath of the blizzard Nemo is also likely to better, with warmer weather in the 40s F melting the ice. The 1978 blizzard caused some very severe damage:

“The Blizzard of ’78 killed 99 people in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, destroyed 2,000 homes, forced more than 10,00 people into warming shelters, and forced some 3,500 drivers to abandon their vehicles on Route 128.”

Still, these horrible numbers do not make the Nemo blizzard less of a threat. ABC warns that the hype generated by the blizzard should not be a reason to disregard the snowstorm.

For those caught in the storm, do you think the Nemo blizzard is better or worse than the 1978 blizzard?