Nemo Blizzard 2013: Emergency Snow Storm Phone Numbers And Twitter Handles

Nemo Blizzard 2013: Emergency Snow Storm Phone Numbers And Twitter Handles

The Nemo blizzard of 2013 is being compared to the 1978 blizzard because it’s dangerous. While some have complained about the blizzard receiving such an odd name such as Nemo, that does not mean the danger is pure hype.

The Weather Channel is using all caps to warn people about the dangers of the blizzard it’s calling Nemo. According to Bloomberg, the National Weather Service does not name winter storms, but the Weather Channel feels that catchy names make it easier to spread warnings about dangerous weather systems.

According to the Associated Press, MIT meteorology professor Kerry Emanuel says that weather forecasters are not overestimating the danger, but he also believes that extreme weather fascinates everyone, not just meteorologists:

“People sort of like it. It’s the weather porn phenomena. There are people glued to The Weather Channel.”

Jeff Masters, meteorology director of the private Weather Underground, said the Nemo blizzard deserves the comparison to the 1978 blizzard, which killed over 100 people:

“This is a serious life-threatening storm if you’re trying to travel in it and getting stuck.”

The Washington Post has provided a series of important phone numbers and Twitter contact handles to find the latest information about the Nemo blizzard:

Important numbers

●New York: Text 311-NYC to report an unplowed street; call 311 to report a homeless person in need of shelter, a downed tree or power line or another non-emergency issue

●New Jersey: Call 211 for emergency management, including flooding and storm assistance; call 511 for traffic and transit information

●Boston: Call (617) 635-3050 for the emergency storm center; call (617) 635-4500 for all city services

Twitter handles and hashtags for weather

@CapitalWeather, the best weather team around

@EricHolthaus, Wall Street Journal meteorologist ●●

●@Accu_Henry, Accuweather senior meteorologist

@usNWSgov, the National Weather Service

@NWSNewYorkNY, the National Weather Service in New York

@NY1weather, forecasts from news channel NY1

#NJsnow, for updates from New Jersey

@WBZweather, forecasts from Boston●

#Bosnow, for updates from Boston

#Nemo, for all blizzard-related tweets

Twitter handles for city and emergency services

@MikeBloomberg, New York City mayor

@NYCGov, official New York government feed

@NYC_DOT, the New York Department of Transportation

@311NYC, New York government services

@NJOEM2010, New Jersey Office of Emergency Management

@CoryBooker, Newark mayor

@FEMARegion2, Federal Emergency Management Agency for New York and New Jersey

@NotifyBoston, Boston mayor’s office

@AlertBoston, Boston emergency notifications

@BostonTweet, excellent live feed

Government Web sites and resources

●PlowNYC: An official Department of Sanitation Web site that shows salt spreading and plow operations in New York City.

Notify NYC: Free texts on road closures and emergency events from city government (also on Twitter @NotifyNYC).

mPing: A crowd-sourced weather-observation app by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the University of Oklahoma.