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Selena Gomez Pulls Dangerous Stunt? Singer Criticized For Letting Fans In Her Car [Video]

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Selena Gomez was criticized today for pulling a “dangerous stunt” at LAX.

A TMZ crew captured Gomez getting into her SUV at the airport in Los Angeles. A group of girls were standing on the curb screaming at the singer and Gomez decided to stop the car and let the girls into her car.

Gomez’ bodyguards were quick to pull the girls out but Selena eventually waived them off and said that it was fine for them to come inside.

So why was this considered a dangerous stunt for Gomez? Well, major celebrities are known to have some crazy fans. Gomez herself has received death threats from crazed fans and last year a stalker of hers was thrown in jail.

Ellen Page, Bristol Palin and Taylor Swift have also had dangerous encounters with obsessed fans recently. Gomez’ on again off again boyfriend Justin Bieber has also called for stricter rules to protect celebrities.

Gomez shouldn’t have to live in fear of her fans but it may have not been the smartest move to let three random people into her car.

The singer’s publicist told TMZ that the girl’s just wanted an autograph. Selena decided that it was too chaotic at the terminal so she let the girl’s come inside to take a picture.

What do you think? Did Selena Gomez pull a dangerous stunt at LAX? Or is she just being nice to her fans?

Here’s the video from TMZ.

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12 Responses to “Selena Gomez Pulls Dangerous Stunt? Singer Criticized For Letting Fans In Her Car [Video]”

  1. Amanda Toms

    I think it is cool that she is down to earth enough to let them into her car. Yeah its dangerous but so is other normal daily activities. You can't send you child to school anymore with ot the fear of them not coming home. You could be walking down the street and get harmed. Besides, if she ignored those girls the next thing people would be saying is that she is stuck up and dosen't care about her fans! It dosen't matter how she handles a situation because she is famous and no matter what people are going to have something negative to say.

  2. David Schwartz

    If I were famous and I had fans, I wouldn't letthem in the car with me! No way! But I'm happy her fans got a once in a lifetime experience.

  3. Martine Ze

    well she is being nice to her fans. did they cause her any bodily harm? no they didn't.

  4. Jonathan Brown

    I agree too and they were girls it would have been a whole different story if it was guys but they were girls so there's no need for the media to make this more than what it is. Selena Gomez is repsectful.

  5. Rich Regel

    She really is a nice person. I worked at Disneyland a few years back and she came in (back door) to my attraction (tower of terror) this was before the Bieb she was with a couple other young people and was really sweet. I made her laugh during my safety spiel and when the elevator returned and I joked some more with her she said "well that was quite refreshing" referring to my silly humor and that's when I said "you want to ride again" and she did so I sent her again.
    She really seemed down to earth and nice. BTW when you are at Tower and someone famous is there you will almost never know because they enter and exit through different doors than you. And very rarely will you see there pictures come up at the exit photo. it is usually "dropped" just like a malfunction or someone making a rude gesture. With a "sorry your photo dropped in to another dimension" caption.

  6. Mary Payer

    Well they didn't harm her than she's okay and she's just nice to her fans (and I have no idea why I'm reading this).

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