The Weather Channe loses its mind

Weather Channel Website Is Rabidly Shouting Nemo Alerts In ALL CAPS [Gallery]

Impending blizzard Nemo is going to kill us all, according to the seeming urgency of

The Weather Channel’s website is making a pretty big deal of Friday’s blizzard as it begins to hit the East Coast, providing some unintentional humor in the face of what could end up being a decidedly un-funny situation. Several news outlets have pointed out that the main page has seemingly “taken a bus to Crazy Town,” typing warnings and updates in ALL CAPS like your well-intentioned grandmother who just started her own Facebook account.

Determined not to have another Sandy on our hands, is using ALL CAPS to get everyone’s attention, with warnings like “HISTORIC, EXTREME SNOW,” and “FLOOD THREAT AHEAD.”

“YOU MUST PREPARE NOW,” reads its most ominous message.

Gawker pointed out that one such graphic (in the gallery below) shows an “ACTION” zone where, apparently, Nemo will unleash its worst. But what are you supposed to do if you live in the “ACTION” zone, they wonder? Stay indoors? Evacuate? “It is of no use to anyone,” they point out.

They also pointed out what they call “hysterical pleas” to invade your social media accounts. “LET WEATHER.COM ACCESS YOUR FACEBOOK NOWWWWWWW,” they deadpan.

MSN Now also noted the strange, cross-platform synchronization of social media accounts. “What are you going to write when the snow really starts coming down, Weather Channel? ‘CONFESS YOUR SINS! SACRIFICE YOUR FIRSTBORN! AND DOWLOAD OUR MOBILE APP FOR LOCAL UPDATES!’ ”

So is a bit annoying right now. Alternatives: Check local news media, or pay a visit to, the national weather website. It’s a government site, so it’s about as exciting as watching paint dry, but at least it’s ad-free.

Here is your gallery of Weather Channel insanity: