Rajon Rondo Out With ACL Injury

Rajon Rondo Return? Celtics Star May Be Back Sooner Than Expected

When will Rajon Rondo return? The Boston Celtics superstar was sidelined last month with a season ending injury but according to the point guard’s agent, Bill Duffy, Rondo may be back on the floor sooner than anticipated.

According to CSNNE, Rondo’s injury was initially reported as a torn ACL but Duffy said that it was only a partial tear. Duffy didn’t put a return date on Rondo but he did say that they were “very optimistic” about his return.

Duffy said:

“It’s still too early to tell for sure… But we are very optimistic about his return now that we know his injury is only a partial tear and not a full tear.”

Rondo may be back on the floor sooner than expected but he isn’t likely to return this season. The Chicago Tribune reports that Rondo will be back “within six months.”

The Celtics star is currently researching his surgical options. A more detailed timeline about Rondo’s return will be available once the point guard picks a doctor and a procedure.

Rondo’s absence hasn’t hurt the Celtics yet (they’ve won their last six games) but Boston is definitely a better team with Rondo on the floor. Unfortunately, it looks like Boston will still have to wait until next year for Rajon Rondo to return.