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Florida Student Beaten On School Bus, Attacker Posts Video Of Beating Online

Pasco County, FL – A teenage girl was reportedly beaten savagely on the school bus. After the attack on the Mitchell High School bus, the alleged culprit posted the video on Facebook and bragged about giving the beating.

Chase Cristia, 16, stated that the incident began unfolding earlier in the day when she stood up for a friend. The alleged 17-year-old female attacker reportedly punched Cristia repeatedly in the neck and head on the school bus. A friend of the accused attacker video-taped the Florida school bus beating.

After the attack, the honor roll student had to undergo treatment at the hospital, The Blaze notes. The two teenage girls accused of initiating and taping the fight were arrested, according to the Daily Mail. One teen was charged with battery and the other with video-taping the beating.

During the video tape of the attack, the aggressor can be heard yelling, “Don’t talk s**t b***h.” Tracy Cristia, the victim’s mother, is understandably upset that no one offered to help her daughter. The mother is particularly upset that the bus driver did nothing to break up the brutal attack. When Tracy arrived to get her daughter, the teen was in tears.

The bus driver claims the incident attack had subsided before he could get the bus pulled over and reach the girls. Pasco County deputies noted that the Mitchell High School bus driver did not complete the necessary paper work until the following Monday, so the arrests were delayed.

Cristia had this to say about the school bus beating:

“I just kind of ducked down and thought, ‘I can’t do anything about it because I don’t want to get into trouble, and I don’t want to affect the way people think of me.”

Before the accused Mitchell High School attacker was arrested and taken into custody, she supposedly threatened to harm herself and sent Cristia an apology via Facebook.

Do you think teens are becoming more violent?

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