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Tiger Woods Loans Lindsey Vonn His Private Jet

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods Private Jet

Lindsey Vonn will undergo surgery next week to repair her torn MCL and ACL injuries. In the meantime, Tiger Woods loaned Vonn his private jet so she could fly from Austria to Vail, Colorado. Vonn was flying home in order to go under the knife.

While not confirmed, it is rumored that Lindsey Vonn is currently dating Tiger Woods. Providing his private jet for Vonn’s needs would appear to give more weight to those dating rumors.

Vonn finalized her divorce to ex-husband Thomas Vonn last month and has claimed she is “just friends” with Tiger Woods.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Lindsey Vonn tore her ACL and MCL during a run at the Alpine World Championships in Schladming on Tuesday. Vonn also broke a bone during her accident. Vonn was airlifted to a nearby hospital where her knee and shinbone injuries were confirmed.

Vonn was witnessed boarding Tiger Woods’ private jet on a pair of crunches but under her own direction.

Lindsey Vonn told fans shortly after her accident that she plans to return in time for the Sochi Olympics.

MCL and ACL rehabilitation typically takes six to eight month to complete. If all goes as planned, Vonn will compete in the World Cup speed races in Lake Louise, Alberta in late November or early December. Vonn has won at the Alberta course 14 times.

In case you missed it, here is the Lindsey Vonn crash that led to her new injuries:

Do you think Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are dating given their recent time spent together and Vonn’s use of Tiger Woods’ private jet?

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43 Responses to “Tiger Woods Loans Lindsey Vonn His Private Jet”

  1. Scamuel Jones

    Looks like ole Tiger is still chasing them blonde 'HOs! I thought he went to Mississippi and got "cured" fo his sex addickshun!

  2. Anonymous

    I am so glad that all african american men don't have the need for white women , just a few. They like that black money and the warmth that that the black men have, unlike other race of men.

  3. Anonymous

    Ewwww, if I were Lindsey, I think I'd run….. or at least ask for a STD clearance.

  4. Bill Cody

    These comments are disgusting. Did it occur to any of you morons that maybe, just maybe a couple of ultra competitive world class athletes might have a lot on common and that for that reason them becoming close makes a lot of sense.

  5. Robert Parko

    I do not know why you have to think they are going out just because he lent her his plane. However they may.
    be close friends and he probably offered it up to help her avoid the hassle of the airlines which are an embarrasment to the World these days. Tiger has unlimited funds and if he wants to help out a friend, why does there have to.
    reason other than their friendship. If they are interested in each other who can blame them.

  6. Ernie Fernandez

    I bet there are lots of Black and Asian women that are pissed that he has not given them a chance and his money also.

  7. Kim Goldstein

    uh….are you serious? She has sponsors that invest millions in her. They have private jets, if she needed a lift, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be "coach" on a commercial flight. There would be private transportation made available for her. Tiger is well known to be one of the "tightest" "mega-star athletes in the world. Very doubtful he just said, "Hey, my $50 million jet is just sitting collecting dust, go ahead, take it where you need, here's my Exxon card too."

  8. Darlene Gay-Allen

    grumpy007 What the hell or who the hell or you referring to as "chimps"? You are one ignorant bastard!! We as Black women do not care who Tiger Woods date, but it is not acceptable to accept your ignorant comment you racist pig!!

  9. David Black

    I guess there are not any attractive negro women who want anything to do with tiger, or is he only interested in blonde white women?

  10. Anonymous

    Them other golfers better watch out. When Tiger getting him a regular poke at that white girl snap, he hard to beat.

  11. Anonymous

    Those other golfers better watch out. When Tiger getting him a regular poke at that white girl snap, he hard to beat.

  12. Darlene Gay-Allen

    grumpy007 I repeat: Who in the hell are you calling chimps you ignorant bastard?? We as Black women careless who Tiger Woods date you racist pig!

  13. Jesse James

    I believe that Tiger is coming back gradually with his golf game. For all you racial bigots, I hope he wins at least 5 tournaments this year with a couple of Majors included. Say all you want about Tiger, but he is the Man in Golf. Most of you racial bigots are Perfect People and have never made a mistake in your life, good luck with the rest of your life. You racial bigots can KMA and join the deteriorating GOP=Republican party. You all belong together.

  14. Kimberly Barnett


  15. Dion Balboa

    what to believe? he's dating Vonn or getting a 250 million dollar prenup with Erin? will the media get it right for once!

  16. Anonymous

    @Marlin and @grumpy007 you both seem to be the result of low breeding.

  17. Thomas Farrow

    Yea Bill C ….expect that TW is a piece of garbage.There are many good men in the world …..Why this POS? Give me a break…………………

  18. Carmen Brouillet

    I suspect that this two have been an item for some time but the media missed it until recently. They are well suited , both are cheaters! Tiger likes bootie and Linsey seems willing as long as there is plenty of $$$$money!

  19. Carmen Brouillet

    I think that was a smoke screen Tiger's people sent to sidetrack the media from his affair with LV!!! For some unknown reason they don't want to go public!!!

  20. Laila Jameson

    Did you not HEAR HIM?? He said WHO HAS?? LOL… lololol University of Texas at Austin teaches you that you can be a part of many conversations happening around the world, at the same time. He's not necessarily answering anything in THIS conversation. He's WAY above all of us. Very VERY advanced in his communication skills, OBVIOUSLY!! Stuff WE just can't comprehend. Gotta get my kid an application to THAT place!!Geniuses, all of them!

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