Goat Escapes Slaughterhouse

Goat Escapes Slaughterhouse, Runs Free Through Brooklyn [Video]

A goat escaped from a slaughterhouse before embarking on a quick adventure through Brooklyn.

The tagged animal was spotted outside of the Interfaith Medical Center at around 1 am on Thursday morning. According to HyperVocal, the goat was understandably scared and freaking out in a nearby parking lot.

One person who first spotted the goat in Bedford-Stuyvesant told police that the animal appeared extremely disoriented. Mother Nature Network reports the goat was running through the streets and banging into doors.

The witness explained:

“I was just walking across the street to get some Popeye’s, I come around the corner and the next thing I know I see a goat coming around my way, galloping toward me. Banging his head against two doors, to no avail, then it started running ’cause the cops were after it.”

When the goat found its way into the hospital parking lot, a West African security guard named Seydou Ndiaye decided to lend a helping hand. Although the guard tried lassoing the scared animal with a rope, the goat managed to escape his efforts.

CBS News explains that Seydou finally managed to get the goat by the horns while police secured it. During their attempts, the security guard asked police not to harm the animal.

The former goat herder said:

“I told them ‘Do not harm the animal, it’s an easy animal, it’s very friendly but it just was a little scared.’ “

Once the animal had been secured, police loaded the goat into a car and took it to Animal Care and Control.

Although many thought the goat would end up back at the slaughterhouse, it would appear the animal has been spared from its fate. The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in upstate New York has reportedly agreed to take the escape artist under its wing.

You can check out video of the goat’s adventure below.

The slaughterhouse has yet to comment on how the goat managed to find its way onto the streets of Brooklyn.

[Image by Wikimedia Commons]