Kai The Hitchhiker ‘Smash Smash Smash’ Remix [Video]

Fresno, CA — In a video that went viral, Kai the homeless hitchhiking surfer dude gave a high-energy interview about how he used a hatchet to stop a “crazed” man threatening three people.

It didn’t take long for a remix of Kai’s “smash, smash, smash” interview to wind up on YouTube.

Kai the hitchhiker, whose original video skyrocketed him to online fame, actually rejects the homeless term and instead thinks of himself as “homefree.”

The smash smash smash mashup of Kai the hatchet-wielding hitchhiker and Good Samaritan was made by YouTube user (or a collective of users) known as schmoyoho with the following explanation:

“Kai the Home-free Hitchhiker sings an uplifting anthem about the elemental worth of a human soul, while warning of the smashing & smiting that he may bestow upon those that ignore this basic moral precept.”

During the original interview, Kai explained that the alleged attacker ranted that he was Jesus, attacked a utility worker, and threatened two women nearby. The two female bystanders credited Kai and his hatchet with saving their lives. The utility worker suffered to broken legs in the attack when the assailant drove his Oldsmobile straight into him but reportedly is in good condition. Fresno police apprehended the suspect, reportedly a man who said to be over six feet and weighing about 300 pounds.

Watch the homeless hitchhiker Kai “smash, smash, smash” interview remix (warning: video contains adult language) as well as a second media interview with Kai the homeless/homefree hero: