Computers and Stress in relationships

Computers Cause Stress For Your Love Life, Study Finds

Using computers is a major cause of stress for two out of five couples in the United States. Online retailers examined how computers affect relationships and found that people with computer issues suffer in other parts of their life.

According to the study, one out of every five people said computer problems are more stressful than having an argument with a loved one.

Research suggests that spending time fixing computer problems causes stress that pours over into other aspects of a user’s life.

The study examined the responses of 2,691 adults who were polled by Harris Interactive. Twenty-three percent of respondents said time spent working on their computers performance led to stress.

John Gray, the relationship counselor who wrote the 1992 best-seller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, tells Mashable:

“A computer’s performance can increase or lower stress in a relationship. We’re living in a world where most people spend more time with a computer on a daily basis than they do with their spouse or significant other.”

With so much time invested in using our computers, it only makes sense that poor computer performance can lead to stress, which pours over into our relationships.

The study finds that women are more likely to be disappointed by their computer’s performance standards.

While computer stress can lead to issues in a relationship, the study notes that 75 percent of couples fight over finances and 59 percent fight over work-related issues. Those numbers don’t bode well for people who work all day with computers.

People and computers have become intertwined thanks to advances in mobile technology and the rise of social networks. With further studies finding stress caused by overuse of Facebook, Twitter, and other online platforms, it looks as if we need to be more careful than ever when taking most of our interactions online.

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