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Kim Kardashian Divorce: Why Kris Humphries Won’t Leave Her

Kim Kardashian’s divorce is at a standstill. Kris Humphries is dragging his feet but not out of love or hopes for potential reconciliation. He wants his controversial 72-day marriage annulled because he feels “she cheated him” out of a real marriage, according to a source.

“Kris only wants an annulment,” a source close to Humphries tells People. “He never wanted to be married more than once and he feels like she cheated him out of the chance to have a real, loving marriage.”

Kim is trying to scoot the divorce proceedings along due to her pregnancy with Kanye West’s child. But Humphries is not sympathetic to her plight or her desire to be divorced by the time Kimye Jr. is born.

“He feels that even if she’s pregnant, she still has to deal with the mess she made,” the source says. “He thinks their entire marriage was a fraud, and he’s not going to just give up because of the situation.”

Kim, who is scheduled to deliver in early July, wants divorce proceedings to start immediately.

“There was no fraud on my part,” she maintains. “I wish this issue to be tried immediately so that this false claim can be put to rest and I can move on with my life.”

The Kardashian/Jenner family support Kim in her divorce fight and also wants to see the marriage dissolved quickly. “I think she’s handling it really well, but I mean, it’s just not cool,” Kendall Jenner told HLN on Thursday.

“She’s our sister and I just want her to be happy,” Kylie Jenneradded. “She obviously wants to be divorce, so I just want it to all work out as soon as possible. Especially because she’s pregnant and I don’t want the stress or anything [to affect her].”

Do you think that Kris Humphries is hanging on to his marriage to Kim Kardashian for the wrong reasons? Should Kim Kardashian’s divorce be settled as an annulment?