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Toys ‘R’ Us Sued For Millions After Toddler Loses Eye In Horrific Stroller Accident

Toys "R" Us Sued After Toddler Loses Eye In Horrific Accident

Toy chain retailer “Toys ‘R’ Us” has been hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit after a horrific accident in which a toddler impaled his eye on a handle of toy stroller.

William Sanner, an electrician, is suing the “Toys ‘R’ Us” on behalf of his son who is also named William, on the grounds that include product liability, breach of warranty, and negligence.

The father alleges the toy store chain failed to include adequate warnings about the multiple, dangerous defects of a stroller made by Graco Children’s Products Inc.

The toddler, William Sanner [Jr.] was 16 months old when the 2008 accident occurred. The child was pushing his older sister’s Graco-brand doll stroller in the family’s New York home when the stroller “rolled out away from him and tipped backward” court papers said.

As a result, the toddler tumbled forward and fell in such a way that “one of the hooked and rigid handles impaled and pierced [his] right eye,” according to the Manhattan federal court lawsuit.

The New York Post reports that after the accident William underwent several surgeries. The toddler’s severely damaged eye was removed and replaced with a prosthetic.

“It’s every mother and father’s fear,” said the family’s lawyer, Eric Dranoff. He added, “Remember when we were all kids and our parents warned, ‘Be careful, you might poke your eye out’?”

Dranoff said Graco Children’s Products Inc., previously reached a confidential settlement with the Sanner family. For reasons not disclosed that arrangement now appears to have broken down and the family are proceeding with the suit.

Toys "R" Us Sued After Toddler Loses Eye In Horrific Accident

The key issue in the case revolves around the stroller’s weight and center of gravity.

Court papers state that the $14.99 lightweight stroller “incorporates a center of gravity, weight distribution and wheelbase that makes it easily susceptible to tipping” when less than two pounds of force is applied to the handles.

The lawsuit also makes mention of “Toys ‘R’ Us” core consumer promise that “one of the important parts of our mission as a company is to help parents keep their kids safe.”

On October 20, 2010, Graco Children’s Products Inc., recalled about 2 million strollers that they stopped selling in 2007. The recall announcement stated that four babies had died in the strollers between 2003 and 2005, the Consumer Product Safety Commission notes.

Although the New York Post reports the amount the Sanner family are suing for is $260 million, a different figure of $65 million is quoted by

A “Toys ‘R’ Us” spokeswoman declined media requests for comment.

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9 Responses to “Toys ‘R’ Us Sued For Millions After Toddler Loses Eye In Horrific Stroller Accident”

  1. Hope McGinnis

    any toy any product can be dangerous at this rate.. anyone remember the man last year that poked his eye out when he lost his balance and fell on his trimmers? ANYTHING CAN BE DANGEROUS period, this is sad and grandmother has part of her tongue missing because as a baby she was running fell and hit her face on a table and bit it off…who's to blame there… kids get hurt when they play this lawsuit pisses me off…

  2. Elizabeth Owens

    I am sorry, but don't buy a cheap stroller. For that matter, don't have a toddler pushing a baby stroller. That's YOUR job, you are the parent! This is nothing more than a money grab. I feel sorry for the kid though….

  3. Clay Strickland

    why are they suing TRU? They will lose against TRU, they should be suing Graco. TRU just sells the tiem, they do not make it or test it.

  4. Elizabeth Owens

    Well, I stand corrected. I misread the article, thought he was pushing the stroller with his sister inside. Even so, it could have happened to anyone. Still a huge cash grab.

  5. Anonymous

    Don't these 'toys' have age limits for a reason? If this toy was meant to be played with by a child of a certain age & this toddler wasn't of that age then they have no law suit IMO. Yes, it could've happend with his older sister too but again, toys normally have age limits for a reason, perhaps the parents didn't notice that or care to check what ages can play with this particular toy but they should've if they didn't.

  6. Eryn Stilp

    …..apparently my husband and I are the only parents out there who took it upon ourselves to research EVERY baby item we were buying for our daughter.
    And here I thought that was common sense. Silly me.

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