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Fashionista ‘Suicide Diary’ Barred Five ‘Frenemies’ From Funeral

Fashionista's boyfriend devastated

The “fashionista suicide” yesterday on the George Washington Bridge, during which 22-year-old Ashley Riggitano took her own life, has prompted review of the extensive writings the young fashion maven left behind ahead of her death.

Riggitano’s “fashionista suicide” has caused a stir due to the legacy of insults and arguing left in her wake visible via places like Facebook. The New Jersey native left behind a suicide “diary” in “girlish cursive,” blaming five other women for driving her to the decision to commit suicide.

The “fashionista suicide” has rocked the social web, and the New York Post published some alleged exchanges with a few of the women named by Riggitano in her writings. In one, a former friend and business associate appears to urge Ashley to harm herself, detailing alleged mental health issues and goading her to end her life.

Identifying the women as Alison Tinari, Teresa Castaldo, Beth Bassil, Victoria Van Thunen, and Samantha Horneff, the Post quotes Tinari:

“Go try to kill yourself on Xanax again, you unstable loser. Go f*** yourself and never speak to me again.”

The paper goes on to explain:

“Van Thunen was Riggitano’s business partner at Missfits, a jewelry-design business. Castaldo and Bassil were classmates at Midtown’s Laboratory Institute of Merchandising, and Horneff was a friend from New Jersey.”

In her note before the fashionista’s suicide, Riggitano wrote that “to any funeral, these people should not be allowed based upon words and actions.” Prior to the incident, Van Thunen is said to have Facebooked:

“Those who incessantly blame others as the cause of their issues should perhaps take a step back and re-evaluate these situations … The common thread may be that ‘they’ aren’t the problem, but rather that YOU are.”

george washington bridge suicide

However, Tinari denies even knowing Riggitano before the fashionista’s suicide and explains:

“She harassed me on Facebook. I’m not her friend. She private- messaged me. She sent me messages on January 8 and 9, and I said some things. I told her she needs to leave me alone … The only thing I’m ashamed of is what I said about her overdosing on Xanax. I shouldn’t have said that.”

In postings, Riggitano references the suicide death of Tyler Clementi back in 2010 after he leapt from the same bridge.

As police piece together the fashionista’s suicide, her associates and former friends describe Riggitano as talented but erratic and occasionally not stable.

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12 Responses to “Fashionista ‘Suicide Diary’ Barred Five ‘Frenemies’ From Funeral”

  1. Heather Johnson

    No one can make you commit suicide. Take a little responsibility for yourself and stop blaming others for making you do something. Bullying is tragic, but killing yourself is YOUR choice.

  2. Anonymous

    Yes, bullying can cause someone to commit suicide. Yes, the final choice to commit the act is yours but bullying and depression drive you to it. Bullying is taking over in this world. It's not just in schools anymore. It's in the work place and on social media. Some may want to blame the young girl who has lost her life in this ordeal but the people bullying her are not so innocent. The news for the last 5 years alone shows that bullying can drive others who can't cope to suicide. I only hope this young girl finally has some peace from people who made her life hell.

  3. Sherry Bender

    this isn't sherry but her husband posting on her site because I don't have a facebook page and never will.this is as close to posting as I will ever much drama and bull sht on regular facebook. if I want to talk to someone I do it the old fashion way in person or on the phone.nobody but the person and myself need to know what our conversation is about.

  4. Lucy Grey

    Walk a mile in someone's shoes who has been that low in their life and you may feel differently. Your thoughts aren't clear and the focus on dying will solve all your problems. Of course this isn't the truth and it is a sin aganist God but unless you've ever felt that helpless you have no idea how this woman was feeling and bullies CAN make you commit sucide…or have the feeling of putting them underground. Heather Johnson I'm so glad you have a good head on your shoulders and have never had to feel helpless… God bless you sweetheart.

  5. Ron Person

    heather until you've been bullied in your life you will not understand the tremendous amount of stress and emotional trauma you won't understamd how assinine your comment is , i agree death is not the right choice, the key is to find those in trouble and help when you can , signed a former bully that now understands compassion and empathy .

  6. Alice Burrell

    It is true that no one can make you kill yourself. This poor young girl was desperately reaching out, hoping someone would reach back in friendship. To suggest to anyone that they should hurt or kill themselves is beyond any human compassion, any caring. Even if you don't want them as a friend, a small amount of kindness could have saved this life.

  7. Lucy Grey

    Oh and check out the postings to the side "bullying puts child in coma"….I'm sure that was not his choice and if he ever wakes up he now has to work through what people did to him…Heather I guess you feel sorry for him becasue he chose to stick it out. Who's to say this wasn't like the 3rd beating he's surrvived…would you want to live in that type of fear every single day? Threre really isn't a winning side. Kids as well as adults need to be procecuted for the bullying and stalking and horrible things they place on facebook. I say just hit the "Blocked" button!

  8. Kim LaCapria

    I agree that no one is culpable for the actions of another. I would argue mental illness, however, clouds one's ability to make rational choices. Well people are not as vulnerable to self harm. In short, I think this is less about bullying and more about perhaps something else going on.

  9. Kiyana Smiley

    first of all no one can go into a coma after being bullied second they should of had beaten into a coma not bully into a coma that dosen't make sense yes they bullied him but they also assulted him making him go into one not being bullied. people have died from getting beat to death by their bullies and it's sad but to say he was bullied to death or into a coma is not the right words to use.

  10. Stephanie Gooding

    Bulling makes u depressed which makes u feel like better dead.u think everyone will be off without u.

  11. Veronica Cervantes

    Considering she had a history, and the other girl knew it, it was a horrible idea to bring it up.

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