Ashton Kutcher Swatting Prank

Ashton Kutcher Swatting Prank: 12-Year-Old Charge With Dangerous Stunt

The Ashton Kutcher swatting prank has led to charges being filed against a 12-year-old boy.

If you are unfamiliar with swatting, it is the practice of calling for a SWAT team at a location where such help is not required. SWAT team members storming a home is dangerous, and fake calls are highly illegal and carry with them felony charges.

The 12-year-old boy called for help to Ashton Kutcher’s Los Angeles home back in October 2012. The boy told police at the time of his call that people in the home had guns and explosives. The caller also said several people had already been shot inside the house.

Police raced to Ashton Kutcher’s home and quickly realized the call was a prank.

Investigators also believe the boy pulled off another swatting call for an L.A. bank later in the month.

Despite his age, the 12-year-old has been charged with two felony counts for making false bomb threats. The boy has also been charged with two felony counts for computer intrusion.

Because of his age, the perpetrator’s name has not been revealed. The child will be arraigned in Juvenile Court tomorrow

Around the time of his calls, swatting was becoming a popular and dangerous game, which led to scared victims and several arrests. Most of the swatting calls are believed to have been the result of preteens and teens who thought they were just having fun.

Do you think the 12-year-old boy deserved to be charged with 4 felony counts for his swatting actions.