Beckham Used Butt Double For H&M Underwear Ad [Video]

David Beckham received a lot of compliments after H&M released a skimpy new underwear ad earlier this week. Well, I guess I should say that David Beckham’s butt double got a lot of compliments.

Yep, the 37-year-old soccer star used a butt double during his underwear commercial.

H&M released a statement saying:

“David was very involved in the advert including doing most of the stunts. Due to his tight schedule a body double was used in smaller parts of the video.”

Butt-gate started when some owl-eyed viewers noticed that Beckham’s tattoos change from shot to shot. Others noticed that the soccer player’s backside fluctuates in size throughout the commercial.

Now, Hollywood is known for using body doubles and stunt doubles in TV, movies and commercials but Beckham’s butt double is rubbing people the wrong way for a few reasons. First, Beckham bragged earlier this week that he did all of the stunts for the video himself. (Apparently, the one stunt he couldn’t do was standing still in his underwear.)

Others complained that the H&M commercial is basically selling sex but with a fake sex symbol. Beckham has a better body than 99% of 37-year-olds on the planet but he’s toying with the sacred art of commercial making with this H&M ad.

What would people say if Nina Agdal used a boob double in this Carl’s Jr. ad? Or if models were airbrushed on magazine covers?

Here’s David Beckham’s H&M ad. Are you outraged that he used a butt double?