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Fugitive’s Truck Found In Manhunt For Ex-LAPD Officer On Killing Spree

Fugitive's Truck Found

A fugitive’s truck has been found in California as police hunt for an ex-Los Angeles police officer accused of going on a revenge killing spree after he was fired.

The development came Thursday evening as officers ramped up their search for Christopher Jordan Dorner, with The Associated Press reporting that the fugitive’s truck had been found.

Police across Southern California had formed a massive manhunt for the fugitive, who was believed to have killed a police officer in Riverside County. He is also a suspect in the killing of a young couple on Sunday.

The manhunt has grown more intensive as police learned of Dorner’s intentions, as they believe he is targeting other officers and their families. He also posted an online message saying, “I do not fear death.”

Dorner, recently fired by the Los Angeles Police Department, wrote an 11-page note addressed to “America” online laying out his grievances against the department. He believes the department wronged him, destroying his career and reputation. In the manifesto, Dorner said he’ll stop killing officers when the LAPD proclaims his innocence.

The manifesto reads:

“I have exhausted all available means at obtaining my name back. This is my last resort. The LAPD has suppressed the truth and it has now lead to deadly consequences.

“Self-preservation is no longer important to me. I do not fear death as I died long ago on 1/2/09 [the date of his firing]”

The fugitive’s truck was found torched off a forestry road in a remote area of the San Bernadino mountains east of Los Angeles, USA Today reported.

Dorner is believed to have multiple weapons, including assault rifles, and has police and military training.

After the fugitive’s truck was found, police closed schools in the area and Bear Mountain ski resort called off afternoon skiing.

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10 Responses to “Fugitive’s Truck Found In Manhunt For Ex-LAPD Officer On Killing Spree”

  1. Anonymous

    MY GOD MY GOD see what people can push people to do wake up supervisors.

  2. Anonymous

    did they really think he'd still be driving the truck around after it was posted on every electronic board in the state?? gloria, i agree with you to a point but there had to be more to it ie: question his mental stability a bit further and prior to the incident that upset him so. his reactions are just not sane nor healthy.

  3. Dylan Muir

    "In the manifesto, Dorner said he’ll stop killing officers when the LAPD proclaims his innocence."

    proclaiming a murderer to be innocent is a terrible paradox. Good luck with that one buddy. If he's strapped as heavily as they say he is, it won't be hard finding him.

  4. Wendy Genua

    What do you think is happening all over the world those in power can take you down make you look guilty, this must be how innocent men in prison feel except they can't do anything about it. It won't be long before the whole nation gets fed up and everyone becomes a killer to survive. When people take your good name from you there is nothing left. sometimes you just throw your hands up and GO FOR IT.

  5. Julie Fedorovich Bardell

    very disturbing. You just wish he would've stopped before killing. Now he has lent truth to all of the lies.

  6. Wendy Genua

    you are right, no excuse for taking another life no matter what they take from you. Now he is what he is.

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