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Male Stripper Attacks Audience After Getting Booed Off Stage

Male Stripper Attacks Audience After Getting Booed Off Stage

A male stripper in the UK has been arrested by police after he allegedly attacked audience members who booed him.

Twenty-nine-year-old Leon Zbudowskyj (on the left in the picture above) was a last-minute replacement for more experienced star attraction “Fabio” (on the right). Alas, Fabio had to cancel his gig at the Baltic Inn in south Wales, leaving Leon in the spotlight.

Regrettably, the pub’s audience of 150 tipsy women didn’t take a shine to Leon. After heckling and booing the substitute stripper, Zbudowskyj became enraged and dived into the crowd, triggering a mass brawl.

Zbudowskyj’s “Ladies Night” show began with the stripper strolling out on stage dressed as a fireman, but it quickly became clear to audience members that their replacement stripper had no music or dance routine. The crowd, who had each paid £10 ($16) to see Fabio, began to hurl abuse, with some even scrunching up napkins to throw at Zbudowskyj.

Tempers became more frayed from that point, with Zbudowskyj choosing to spit frothy cream at his unappreciative audience before sitting on a chair in the middle of the stage in a giant sulk.

Compere Debra Jones told CapitalBay:

“He was diabolical, he was disgusting, he just didn’t have anything, no music, no dance routine. He looked like he had come off the street, he looked dirty, he was unshaven and he didn’t have a six-pack. In fact, he looked like he had been hit in the face with a wok. He just wasn’t the sort of person you wanted to see take their kit off.

“At first he spat cream at the women and then he just sat down on a chair on the stage. He didn’t move, he just glared at the audience.”

A rueful Jones reflected:

“We could have done with a stage hook to drag him off.”

When Zbudowskyj finally lost his rag and jumped into the crowd, five police cars were sent to the pub to break up the fight.

A spokeswoman for the Dyfed Powys Police said:

“A 29-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault and bailed pending further inquiries.”

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3 Responses to “Male Stripper Attacks Audience After Getting Booed Off Stage”

  1. Leon Spud Zbudowskyj

    I have had a story printed about me, twice actually . Which are not factualy correct, I actually run speed dating events . It has been reported I understand from your previous article that at the baltic hotel llanelli back in january this year . I was booked as a stripper .i was not booed and i did not attack any of the crowd . This was the first strip I had done after the one I did for charity . I have little or no chance of doing any more stripping work and my local pontypol college are not will to acept me unless I an found not guilty of . Four charges of assault . I was professional the crowd were wolf whistling at me, I only doing my introduction and had a saylor shirt on I ripped off and was getting the crowd going . I was enjoying myself and was on my to put my fireman outfit on, when debs told me that the police had been called and I had to leave . I was shocked and replied i haven't finished yet, I am just warming up . Suddenly I got hit on the back of the head, with something a believed to be a glass , I came around and some one had me in a head lock, I remember biting the person and put my finger in his mouth for him to realise me . There was all smashed glass in toilet area on the floor, and I was lead on the glass getting cut to shreds my back , buttock s and elbow ( my solicitor has medical records, from the heath hospital in cardiff, that prove I had the injuries) next I struggled a little on the floor, while ladys were hitting me, with there heals . I managed to grab the bloke offa me by pulling his hair. I stood up and a lady was Kicking me in the privets, I reached over a grabbed her by the hair . All the way though this incident I thew no punches, got taking away in cuffs , the section of the crowd closets to me clapped me, only seeing me emerge from closed toiet room doors, like they thought it was part of the act . I traveled1 hour n 30 minutes on the train to get there with a friend Rachel hawkings . I was the victim and did not get paid a penny , i am in rehab now, because of questions in my mental health. Just had the court date 9th August , llanelli magistrates 10 pm . The prosecution have witness sayin I hit debs in the toilet, I want I fair trail as debs had hers written, I get the feeling that it would help my course if my side was printed . Thankyou .leonJennifer Griffiths6 hours agoThoroughly enjoyable if not slightly unusual night at The Baltic Inn last night. First time I've seen the "act" get taken away in handcuffs by the police. Never ind, after the "kerfuffle" a lovely night was had by all. Well done to Just debs for a grea show in difficult circumstances. — at Baltic InnBaltic InnLocal Business · Swansea, United Kingdom

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