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Shirley MacLaine: Daughter’s Book ‘Lucky Me’ Alleges Arranged Sex, Abandonment

Shirley MacLaine: Daughter's Book 'Lucky Me' Alleges Arranged Sex, Abandonment

Shirley MacLaine is the subject of a new book written by her daughter, Sachi Parker. Lucky Me: My Life With – And Without – My Mom alleges that Shirley MacLaine arranged sex for her daughter at the age of 17.

Sachi Parker says she and her boyfriend, Brad, were invited to Shirley MacLaine’s beach home where they were introduced to Shirley’s sex therapist friends, Phyllis and Eberhard Kronhausen. Phyllis reportedly made the suggestion that Sachi lose her virginity under the guidance of these sex therapists:

“‘It would be a fabulous opportunity for Sachi, to have her first introduction to sex with all of us here as a support group. We could talk about it afterwards and validate her feelings.”

In response, Shirley MacLaine supposedly declared it “a wonderful idea” and told Sachi that “we’re all here to help you, sweetheart.” Feeling the pressure from the three adults, Sachi and her boyfriend did the deed:

“Once our mission was accomplished, we had to face the next hurdle: reporting back. We hid out in the bedroom until we heard a light knock on the door, and Mom’s voice, “Is everything OK in there?'”

Shirley MacLaine denied all of these allegations by her daughter, telling People magazine that the alleged acts of horrible parenting are completely fiction and that Sachi Parker made them up to generate publicity:

“I’m sorry to see such a dishonest, opportunistic effort from my daughter. (It’s) virtually all fiction.”

Shirley MacLaine’s longtime Hollywood agent, Jack Gilardi, told The Daily Mail he he has not read Lucky Me but he thinks the description of Shirley MacLaine arranging her daughter losing her virginity is “so much not Shirley MacLaine”:

“I watched the show. I did not read the book and I have no intention to read it. I know for sure that Shirley really has tried to make amends to her daughter.”

For her part, according to 9WSYR Sachi Parker says she felt compelled to tell her story even if it broke her relationship with her mother:

“I did everything I could to bring Mom into my life. The Hollywood ending never happened. Now that I’ve written this book, it probably never will.”

What do you think about the allegations that Shirley MacLaine’s daughter, Sachi Parker, has made in her new tell-all book Lucky Me?

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65 Responses to “Shirley MacLaine: Daughter’s Book ‘Lucky Me’ Alleges Arranged Sex, Abandonment”

  1. Maggie Scarborough

    I can't believe Shirley would do that thing about arranging her daughter's first sexual experience. I've read all of Shirley's books and that is just not her. She always tried to be fair and allow her daughter to live with either her or her dad. I hope the daughter Sachi realizes what a great person her mother is before it's too late. As with all mother daughter relationships, there will always be bumps in the road. I just hope for them both that they smoothe these bumps out.

  2. Anonymous

    Maggie you read Shirley's books by her and what she and her publicist wanted you to know. This nut job and she is out there said that she wanted to have sex with her brother in the 60's wake up.

  3. Jackie Lynn Cobb

    Actually, I tend to believe it. But who knows. Not a Shirley Maclane fan-but won't be buying or reading the book. I dislike it when people wash their dirty linen in public, especially children of famous people.

  4. Anonymous

    Maggie this is the same nut job that said she wanted to have sex with her brother Warren Beaty in the 60's among other out there comments she is a known sex tramp. She also wrote those books with her publicist blessing do you really believe what's in them. Grow up and get a mind. Tell mommy dearest that too Joan Crawford denied her brutality to her daughter but a lot of people that knew her said it was true.

  5. Maggie Scarborough

    mictour, SHUT UP! you have no idea what she is like…. just what you've read too! I can have an opinion about whether it's true or not… just like YOU.

  6. Kathleen Barry Beasom

    Sachi is an actress who never achieved what her mother has as far as fame and skill. She's now heading toward 60 and getting publicity, hoping for fame. It's hard to believe these stories about Shirley, but even if they are, Sachi has sorely missed the mark. By disrespecting her mother in such an ugly way, it will only harm the author.

  7. Maggie Scarborough

    Does anyone understand "IMO = In My Opinion"? If I sound irate, Michael, from High School, it is because I have said what I believe and instead of people also stating their beliefs, they are belittling mine. Yes, I could be wrong in my opinion, but it is simply an opinion, a belief. And as far as I know, the comments section is intended for people to post reactions to the story, not reactions to MY comments. Michael, what opinion/belief do you have concerning the book? If you have one, you too are free to comment.

  8. Anita Kulvinskas

    Honey, Shirley McClaine does not need the money. As for Sachi, I am sure she does need the money and will make up what will sell, and that is sex!

  9. Doug Mckinnon

    That's what I think. It's possible Shirley wasn't the ideal mother but the time for screed passed long ago and now it's shameful she has to deal with a bitter daughter. Sachi couldn't even wait until her mother passed away to vent her spleen, which comes off as sadistic trash. Save your money, don't glorify this.

  10. Michèle Greene

    I'm not a fan of Shirley MacLaine, and can't know if any of this is true or not, but what I do think is really tacky – and greedy – is for anyone to air all of this extremely personal stuff, as well as mom-bahsing, for profit. There can be no other 'good reason' to write such a book except to make money off it, get some spotlight on yourself briefly, and to further hurt or attack your mother in yet another stage of a life long war. Not healthy, not productive, not cool.

  11. Sean Willman

    Betty Davis' daughter did the same thing…After Christina Crawford, so many celeb kids have tried to write sensational books–the weirder the better! All trying for that "wire hanger" moment. I'm reminded of a Golden episode when they're in a bookstore and Sophia says, "If you need me, I'll be in the 'bitter children of celebrities' section."

  12. Greg Field

    I have the life magazine with that photo on the cover. Anyway, I'm imagining something might have happened that could be twisted and embellished into this kind of story, but I can't imagine anything more than maybe they had sex in the house while the adults were hanging out, maybe the adults wanted to talk with them about it, maybe the adults just wanted to give them the green light to do what they wanted to do anyway, maybe it was awkward in some way, who knows? Who had sex as a teenager that wasn't awkward? Bottom line, I don't think Shirley did anything horrible, no worse than any instance of bad judgment of any parent, and probably not even that. remember, it was the 60s, free love and all that. It was the times.

  13. Shaniqua Mccathern

    It's been my experience that children of celebrities don't usually tell the truth in their tell all books. But who really cares about Miss Parker, or any other person so needy as to disrespect their parent.

  14. Lynn Anderson

    I guess you would say I'm a Shirley Maclaine fan since I've read some of her books and enjoyed some movies she's been in. I know a lot of people think she's some kind of weirdo, but I've never read anything negative about her daughter in her books and I don't understand why her daughter felt she had to write this kind of book. Shirley might not have been a perfect mother but I truly believe she really does love her daughter and why, after all this time, does Sachi feel the need to degrade her like this? I won't be reading this book, and as Shirley would say, what goes around comes around.

  15. Lynn Anderson

    I've read some of Shirley Maclaines books and she's always tried to say good things about her daughter. I don't understand why Sachi feels the need to degrade her Mom. Shirley might not be a perfect person but I truly believe she's always loved and respected her daughter, and Shirley doesn't come across as a Joan Crawford-type. I won't be reading this book, and as Shirley would say, what goes around comes around.

  16. Deanna Wood

    I'm certain she parented in some ways she regrets deeply (don't we all) but her daughters actions are only a reflection on her daughter, not on how she was parented.
    I know Ms. MacLaine is a strong, wise woman but I hate it for her to have to endure this at this time in life. My heart goes out to any parent who is so haunted by an older "adult" child.

  17. Kristin S Molden

    I obviously don't have any idea what happened here but, I have noticed a lot of Hollywood kids tend to write books about how horrid their parents are/were and it seems that by doing this they gain a little extra cash and fame. Hard to know why they do it. I could air my dirty laundry too but no one would pay for it. WHY? Go see a counselor.

  18. Anonymous

    I totally believe Maclaine did all those things. I lived in North Carolina while she was filming Being There and the locals connected to the film could not stand her. They said she was rude and uncaring.I know that in itself does not make her a bad mother, but I do believe she is self absorbed so I think it is likely true.

  19. Susan MacArthur

    Tacky on the daughter's part. A lot of people I know did not have the greatest childhoods, but we don't write tell-all books. Shame on Sachi for trying to.

  20. Susan MacArthur

    I was trying to say….. Shame on Sachi for "legally trying to extort" money for her own personal gain off of her mother's fame.

  21. Greg Severino

    We have another "Mommie Dearest" here? The moral of this story for the Hollywood elites – NEVER leave your kids out your will or their will be conquences!

  22. Denise Burns Marvin

    Obviously if there was a good relationship between the two this book wouldn't have been written. Shirley admitted in an interview that her career was more important than her family. Much of her daughters allegations can be substantiated. That being said I still don't feel these tell all books should be penned.

  23. Cinda Michels

    It's really none of my business. Maybe no one will every hear the truth; however, the truth can be seen differently to different people. Should it really matter to the public? NO!

  24. Pat Mulligan

    her daughter is missing something in her life she could have discussed with her mother; rather than dishing….shame on her. I'm sure she missed her mother during her upbringing but from what I understand the father and her mother had a pact that she live with her dad during shirleys career. at the age she is she should be working all this out with a therapist not with her book publisher. still loving shirley…;none of us can claim the title of the perfect mom. she should be getting over herself by now…………….phew.

  25. John C. Dollarhide

    That is an assination on Shirley's character. The Dumbass needs to go to work for the porn industry if she wants a real exciting lifestyle for sex stories.

  26. Anonymous

    Even MacLaine’s longtime Hollywood agent, Jack Gilardi, said "Shirley really has tried to make amends to her daughter". According to McLaine, virtually everything the daughter has said is fiction, so then for what does McLaine have to make amends? Has anyone bothered to ask the boyfriend, Brad, about the truth of the situation? Me thinks it has the ring of truth.

  27. Greg Field

    This is a sideshow between the immature and the insecure. Has nothing with the story, just a couple of clueless people embarrassing themselves for the sake of some attention they think they're getting with their post. Wanna clue? NOBODY CARES except inasmuch as we shake our heads and laugh quietly at both of you as your commentary on the article descends into personal potshots and barbs back and forth. Why don't you try mud wrestling on Jerry Springer, they'd love to have ya

  28. Donna Ambrose Beford

    I read the book over the weekend Sachi Parker is believable well adjusted and a survivor of dome of the worst kind of abuse. This book rang true to me it was written by what seems to be a kind lovely person raised by wolves I threw every book written by the phony falsely enlightened Shirley in the trash after finishing Sachi Parkers memoir. I wish Ms Parker and her family the very best!!!

  29. Donna Ambrose Beford

    Read the book cross reference it with phony self absorbed shirleys books and then comment

  30. Donna Ambrose Beford

    Read the b Shirley should have been thrown in jail alongside her creepy husband Sachi was raised by wolves.

  31. Donna Ambrose Beford

    I hope so which means Shirley will wind up reincarnated as the toad she is read the book

  32. Donna Ambrose Beford

    I read the book over the weekend it rang true to me too I wish Saci and her children the best

  33. Donna Ambrose Beford

    Sachis book is on my shelf crazy shirleys are in the trash. maclaine should hang her head in shame but narcassists rarely see themselves

  34. Steven Karash

    I remember meeting both mother and daughter at a screening of a film I was showing in 1988 in Westwood CA. I loved Shirley. TOUGH.. FUN..SMART. Sachi was shy, somewhat strange around people..seemed afraid and in her mom's shadow. I would 5 years latter meet Shirley again at an AIDS benefit. By that time I had heard that her daughter was a strange duck….angry at her mom…did not trust anyone, especially men. I always thought Sachi was sexy like her mom was at that age and talented. Rumor had it that she was a angry gal.
    Some of the stories are probably true, BUT the problem is when she titled the book this way it is always done to HURT the person as opposed to doing this for some "cleansing" of the soul. Did her therapist approve this gesture? I doubt it. Irony is in "Postcards From The Edge "Shirley's character says to Meryl Streep (daughter) "how would you like Joan Crawford as a mother".

    Little did she know what her own daughter would do years latter..All this also explains why Shirley's last book "I'm Over All That" NEVER mentions her daughter. This is a wound that will never heal. Shirley's millions will all go to charity and E research someday!

  35. Lisa Marquis

    Sorry guys, if you watched the interview, I find it hard to believe that a grown woman, who looked tremendously pained, would sit there and tell all lies about her childhood for fame. I have always liked Shirley Mclaine, but if you can read energy, you'll clearly see truth in a very sad mother daughter story.

  36. Leslie Caborn

    I was and am a huge fan of the enormously talented Shirley MacLaine. I read the book and I believe it. Some people are not meant to be parents…

  37. Betty Fix Marketello

    I read this book and makes me so angry as a mother! I will never read another Shirley MacLaine book or see a movie that includes her in it. Her mom's books are inconsistent and this one rings true. I hope it's a top seller, since her mom was leaving Nothing to her but rather to the sex therapists who helped screw up her life!

  38. Robin Whiteside

    I actually read the whole book, cover to cover. And while it is indeed very well written and quite interesting, its author is a little tone deaf as to the ways most people raise their kids. My parents loved me a lot, but they also didn't give me a dime, didn't support me through college, and insisted that I make my way on my own. I didn't depend or expect my parents to hand me a career and help me at every turn. It bummed me out, but I made do. And I'm glad I did. Apparently, Saachi has never figured out a way to make do. Clearly, Saachi expected a lot and didn't get it. Probably because all her rich friends got a lot. Saachi got some help from her Mom, but rarely, and not what she thinks she should have gotten.

    Lots of kids have parents with different religious views, or ways of living. Lots of people have parents they love dearly, but cannot stand to be around. That's just life. It doesn't make the parents evil. Saachi would be well advised to accept that, take her relationship with her mother for what it is, and leave the rest. That she wrote a tell-all book to make money (however well written it is) is just so morally wrong in so many ways. If her goal is making MacLaine look bad, Saachi only makes herself look bad. You simply don't bad mouth your family in a public forum unless you're after money. Also it can take years and year to build an adult relationship with your mom, and Saachi clearly has cut out that possibility. The book is really harsh.

    And I'm sure there are two sides to the story.

    I'm not saying that Saachi isn't writing truthfully, she clearly is, but she needs to understand that many people agree with her mother's values in raising a daughter. MacLaine's insistence that Saachi stand on her own two feet and be responsible with money, and not expect everything to be handed to her. That was MacLaine's right, and there is nothing really wrong with it. And at the end of the day, I've seen Parker act, and I would tend to agree with her mom. That she simply wasn't good enough. To write a book and blame your mom for the failure of your career… Come on.

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