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New Star Trek Villain Leaked? Khan May Have Been Confirmed By Accident

It isn’t official yet, but many people are speculating that the infamous Khan will be the villain in the new Star Trek movie.

That rumor got a little more credible today when Entertainment Weekly accidentally named Khan as the villain on a magazine cover.

An issue of Entertainment Weekly in the “Back Issue Store” had the title Voyage Into Star Trek With Kirk And Khan earlier today. The title has been changed to say “Spock” instead of “Khan” but the little mistake has sparked a wave of speculation about the new movie.

Of course, this may have been just a Freudian slip.

Do you think that the Entertainment Weekly title was an accident? Or did someone accidentally reveal J.J. Abrams big Star Trek secret?

No one has confirmed Khan as the new Star Trek villain so we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for some more plot details to leak. What is know is that Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing a villain named John Harrison in Star Trek Into Darkness.

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