J D Power lists Verizon as number one in customer satisfaction

J. D. Power Lists Verizon At Number One In Customer Satisfaction For Third Year In A Row

J. D. Power has rated Verizon as the number one wireless provider for the third year in a row.

With mobile phones getting more and more popular and practically a necessity, good support and customer service is important. A new study from consumer survey firm J.D. Power and Associates has listed Verizon at the top of mobile provider listings for the third year in a row, according to NBC News.

The survey examines how the major carriers performed in the past year when solving customer issues. The three methods of service included retail, telephone, and online. Over 7,000 were surveyed for the early 2013 edition.

For two years, T-Mobile was the one to beat. Verizon beat out T-Mobile to take the lead in 2010 and hasn’t yielded since. The study suggests that the company’s automated phone service and representatives surpass the rest in customer satisfaction. Automation is the new customer-service battleground, and Verizon is clearly on a mission.

T-Mobile has dropped to number four overall, below Sprint and AT&T.

The report also points out that more people are chatting with an online representative to solve their problems,and were most satisfied on those occasions. It’s really simple. Why get lost in a labyrinth of hit-or-miss menu options when you can chat with an actual person in real time to fix the issue?

J.D. Power’s study found that Verizon’s network exhibited the fewest dropped calls, audio issues (can you hear me now?), texting failures, connection errors, and download speeds compared with other major carriers. According to CNET, Verizon bested the competition in the Northwest region, but also experienced the best network performance in most of the remaining areas.

How do you feel about your mobile carrier? Do you agree that Verizon has the best service of them all?