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1978 Blizzard Weaker Than New England Snow Storm This Weekend?

1978 Blizzard Weaker Than New England Snow Storm This Weekend

The 1978 blizzard is being compared to the New England blizzard that is about to hit the Northeast United States with a snowstorm. Some meteorologists fear that the new snowstorm could actually be worse than the 1978 blizzard.

According to Travelers Today, February 6 and 7 will be the 35th anniversary of the 1978 blizzard that ripped through the state, killing about 100 people. People who survived the 1978 blizzard remember that world came to a standstill, that no one could get to work, and that nothing could be done. reports that the 1978 blizzard produced “hurricane force winds, a large storm surge and intense waves that would leaves thousands of homes destroyed along the coast. Thousands of people would be either be stranded or simply abandon their cars on highways. Boston and much of eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut were at a standstill for days following the storm.”

In Boston, the blizzard has dropped 27 inches of snow on the city already. Forecasts show that Boston could see up to 20 inches of snow between Friday and Saturday, with some areas seeing more. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, people are turning to Twitter to communicate news about the upcoming blizzard. While some people are excited about the possibility of skiing and other snow activities, experts warn that the 1978 blizzard might pale in comparison to the potential disaster churning its way to the coast.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the timing of the New England blizzard could actually benefit the city’s municipal workers:

“If it’s going to happen, having it happen Friday overnight into Saturday is probably as good timing as we could have. The sanitation department then has the advantage of being able to clean the streets when there’s normally less traffic.”

Do you remember the 1978 blizzard that befell Boston? If so, what are you doing to prepare for the New England blizzard about to hit the area?

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14 Responses to “1978 Blizzard Weaker Than New England Snow Storm This Weekend?”

  1. Anonymous

    I remember looking down the street where there was cars parked all I saw was huge bumps of snow.

  2. Cindy Gurski

    We jumped out the 2nd story windows onto the snow drifts which were up to the roof on the porch. We also had the greatest caves throughout the whole yard. Back then it was fun… it's a pain.

  3. Donna Millman

    I was a high school senior,I did no preparing,.I did work in medical field so I was transported by various vehicles sent to my home.IDo remember how high snow banks were,half way up phone poles.I also remember school being out for a week,snow banks half way up phone poles.Crazy to know its been 35 years.

  4. Mary Ivie

    I remember a neighbor went into labor, so our road was plowed out first. We had a Scout II with 4wd, so we volunteered to take nurses back and forth to work and we delivered medicine from the local pharmacy to the elderly. Bless my next door neighbor girls who baby sat our two kids so we could do it. Amazing how it takes nature to make you stop doing all the "have to be done's" and enjoy huddling around the fireplace and digging snow mazes in the yard.

  5. Pam Baggott

    I moved to New England the year after that blizzard. My memory is of 1967 when I first encountered snow in what was called "The Big Snow" in Chicago. They didn't let us out of elementary school until afternoon and the snow was so deep we couldn't find the curbs and sidewalks so kids were walking in the street. I kept having to pull my little brother up so he didn't get buried in the stuff. Snow in Chicago drifts so that a few inches can create drifts ten feet high. So dozens of inches was massive.

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