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John Brennan’s Hearing Recessed After Multiple Protestors Interrupt Proceedings

Senator Dianne Feinstein called a recess during CIA Director nominee John Brennan’s hearing. Brennan was interrupted at least three times during his opening remarks. Feinstein ultimately ordered that the room be cleared and the hearing go into recess.

Feinstein referred to those who interrupted the John Brennan hearing as members of Code Pink. Just after the CIA director nominee thanked his 91-year-old mother for her support, a woman jumped up waving a rag doll. The woman shouted about the children of Pakistan and begged Congress and Senator Feinstein to do their jobs.

Although the rants from the alleged Code Pink protestors was not entirely clear, their anger appeared to be directed to President Barack Obama’s drone program. The protestors had pink paint on their hands, Fox News notes. When one person would stand up and shout, the other supporters displayed their painted hands in a show of support.

The recess was brief, approximately five minutes in duration. Senator Dianne Feinstein threatened several times to clear the room and then allow witnesses back inside on a one-by-one basis. Live footage of the hearing showed, John Brennan speaking very quickly in an apparent move to finish his sentence before another protestor interrupted.

A notice posted on the Code Pink website reads:

“Help us make John Brennan’s CIA nomination controversial. Tweet at CNN!”

The rapidly updated Code Pink Twitter feed details the group’s drone watch campaign and goes on to list the names of individuals allegedly killed American drone attacks.

Concerns about the drone program reportedly increased prior to Brennan’s testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Some of the protestors called for the release of classified legal communications pertaining to drone attacks.

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