Marco Rubio savior of the GOP

Marco Rubio Says He’s No Savior, You’re Thinking Of Jesus

Marco Rubio wants everyone to know that there’s only one savior, and it’s Jesus.

The Florida Senator is a rising star in the GOP, and the subject of TIME Magazine‘s February 18 cover story, titled “The Republican Savior.” Among other colleagues like Paul Ryan, Bobby Jindal, and arguably Chris Christie, Rubio is attempting to change the GOP from the inside-out, opting for pragmatic, bipartisan solutions to our political problems while not straying from conservative principles.

The majority of the GOP seems to be working against them, but Rubio’s voice has risen above the division, causing many to brand him and his ilk as the new faces of the GOP, and indeed, the party’s “savior.”

In the TIME Magzine article, Rubio is dubbed the “new voice of the GOP” under the title “Immigrant Son.” It talks about Rubio’s Cuban heritage and his key role in recent bipartisan immigration reform.

This recent bipartisan proposal seeks to address issues related to immigration by providing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers. Several leading conservatives, including Rubio, have pushed for immigration reform.

So any press for Rubio is good press, right? Not any press that refers to him as “savior,” apparently. In response to the TIME cover, Rubio, who is Catholic, tweeted:

Here’s the TIME cover featuring Marco Rubio. What do you think? Is Rubio the “savior” of the GOP?

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