Gregg Williams Reinstated

Gregg Williams Reinstated, Joins Titans Coaching Staff

Former New Orleans Saints coach Gregg Williams has been reinstated by the NFL. Following Williams’ reinstatement, the suspended coach was added to the coaching staff roster for the Tennessee Titans.

Williams was forced to sit out for the entire 2012-2013 NFL season after it was discovered he started an NFL bounty program while coaching for the Saints. Under the program, players were paid bonuses for injuring opposing teams players.

William was originally placed under an indefinite suspension, the most severe penalty of any Saints player or coach. In comparison, Sean Payton was served with a full season suspension.

Gregg Williams was officially hired on Thursday by the Titans. He will serve as a senior assistant coach for the team’s defensive line.

Speaking of the team’s decision to hire the disgraced coach, Titans coach Mike Munchak said:

“He will bring a great deal of defensive knowledge and energy to our staff. The decision to bring him here only came after going through a thoughtful and thorough process.”

Following the reinstatement of Gregg Williams, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the coach admitted to and apologized for his role in the New Orleans Saints bounty program. The coach promised to never again create a pay for performance system in the NFL.

Under terms of his reinstatement, Gregg will undergo “periodic monitoring to confirm his compliance.”

Do you think the Tennessee Titans made the right decision in hiring an assistant coach sure to draw criticism and plenty of attention through his return to the NFL?