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Exiting ‘Walking Dead’ Showrunner Might Be On A Gag Order

Why is The Walking Dead‘s soon-t0-be-gone showrunner Glen Mazzara so quiet about his departure from the network? Maybe because he’s on a gag order.

Mazzara is still making rounds talking up season three as it resumes this coming Sunday, but one thing he’s curiously mum about is why he’s leaving The Walking Dead (or why he’s being pushed out) when the show is as popular as ever.

MSN reports that the announcement of Mazzara’s departure last month stunned the TV industry and fans alike, especially since he is credited for putting the show back on its feet after Drank Darabont’s departure resulted in a slightly weaker second season. According to AMC reps, a “difference of opinion about where the show should go” resulted in Mazzara’s exit, which was called a mutual decision.

However, The Wrap reports that Mazzara had said two months prior to the announcement that he’s stick with The Walking Dead as long as he could “if AMC and the fans would have me.”

On the abrupt change, Mazzara stated “It’s fine. I’m happy with the show and delivering my season and I’m just going to go on and do my own thing now.”

His reticence to talk about his departure while still doing press rounds for promotion of the third season has left many wondering whether or not AMC has put a gag order on him. Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter has been particularly critical of Mazzara’s departure, tweeting, “AMC’s initiated a gag order…Removing mazzara from press for fear his firing will pull focus & he may tell the truth.”

But AMC has denied this charge: “There is no gag order from AMC. They are very supportive of him doing press for the remainder of season three, just as they have up to this point.”

But the general air of mystery, especially since The Walking Dead is performing stronger than ever, has many still confused, frustrated, and upset. It’s kind of a “why fix what isn’t broken” argument. Still Scott Gimple, Mazzara’s replacement, hasn’t gotten going yet, so only the future will tell.

What do you think? Is Glen Mazzara on a gag order? Was he pushed out of The Walking Dead?