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Nina Agdal Carl’s Junior Ad Combines Bikinis And Burgers [Video]

There’s been a lot of talk about Bar Refaeli’s controversial kiss during her Go Daddy commercial but Nina Agdal’s ad may have been the sexiest of the week.

Carl’s Jr. used the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, a skimpy black bikini and a bunch of oil to promote their new fish sandwich.

The Nina Agdal ad features the beautiful brunette relaxing on the beach in a bikini. She goes to town on a Carl’s Jr / Hardee’s sandwich while striking sexy poses at the same time. (Talk about talent!)

Agdal said:

“I had some bites but had to spit some out, too. I think I went through around 50 sandwiches that day, if not more! But I still ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

At the end of the commercial, a man with a bad sunburn walks down the beach and makes Agdal laugh, giving the ad its tagline: “Sometime’s you don’t want to get fried.”

The ad is for the restaurant’s new charbroiled Atlantic cod fish sandwich but most people will probably be too distracted by Agdal’s topless sandwich eating to remember that.

Here’s Nina Agdal’s Carl’s Jr. ad.

If that ad wasn’t hot enough for you don’t worry, there’s also a “Director’s Cut” version.

Agdal, who was named Sports Illustrated’s“Rookie of the Year” in 2012, took over the Carl Jr’s spot from another beautiful model: Kate Upton.