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MSNBC Host Criticizes ‘Double Standard’ In Obama Drones Controversy [Video]

Obama's drone program

MSNBC’s Morning Joe continued their discussion of President Obama’s controversial drone attack program, which was brought back into national attention by a much-maligned “kill Americans” memo made public days ago. Host Joe Scarborough criticized the left of a “double standard” pertaining to their criticism of George W. Bush’s policies balanced against their relative silence regarding Obama’s drone program. He called on such figures to publicly apologize to former President Bush.

Scarborough hammered President Obama for his “hypocrisy” regarding the drone program and highlighted the hypocrisy of those on the left who harshly criticized Bush for his war-time policies.

The MSNBC host said that President Obama was “judgmental,” “self-righteous,” and “damning” when he said that Bush didn’t respect the Constitution or checks and balances when what he’s doing with the drone program is “even more chilling.”

“What standard will Barack Obama be held to four or eight years from now after the pictures of the little children who were killed by his drone attacks are placed before the jury in the Hague? And again, the self-righteousness, the hypocrisy of the left to go suddenly silent when we’re now talking about targeting and killing Americans without any due process, without any evidence. There’s a double standard here.”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski sided with Scarborough, noting that, while she was highly critical of George W. Bush, what President Obama is doing with drone attacks is “completely in the same category.”

“I want everybody that said what they said about George W. Bush … I want those people to apologize to George W. Bush,” Scarborough added.

Here’s video, via Mediaite. What do you think of President Obama’s controversial drone program?

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3 Responses to “MSNBC Host Criticizes ‘Double Standard’ In Obama Drones Controversy [Video]”

  1. Fred O'Cliff

    This is so stupid. Joe and the rest of the poser patriot "republicans" keep insisting that the people on the left who opposed Bush's war policies are perfectly fine with Obama following along the same roads. If you believe that, I have to ask what else do you lie to yourself about? And all of this ignoring the fact that the Bush administration did order and carry out extrajudicial assassinations of American citizens suspected of being Al Qeada, makes my head hurt. The first American targeted and killed by a drone missile strike, without due process, happened in 2002. If these "republicans" had not been such Bush lapdogs in 2002, then maybe we would not even be having this conversation about drones now.

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