Vegas Theater Shooting

Vegas Theater Shooting Update: Three Wounded, No Arrests

A Vegas theater shooting has left three wounded, two critically — and police are trying to find out who was responsible for the incident.

The Vegas theater shooting happened just after midnight on Wednesday in a parking structure and not the lobby as had been originally reported. Sources say a fight sparked the late-night strip gunplay, but not much has been disclosed about the incident overall.

According to one news source, no suspects in the Vegas theater shooting have yet been identified, and it’s not known whether anyone has been questioned:

“Police don’t think the shooting, which happened just after midnight, was a random act, but Police Officer Laura Meltzer said the shooter or shooters hadn’t been identified … She added that initial reports that the shooting happened in the theater lobby were incorrect.”

Fox5Vegas spoke to Las Vegas Metro police after the Vegas theater shooting and reports that one of the victims was treated at the scene while two were gravely injured and taken to the hospital:

“Metro said a fight broke out between two groups of people. During the confrontation, one person pulled a gun and fired shots, according to officials … One of the victims fell into an elevator and ended up on the fifth floor, police said. The two men were transported to an area hospital … Another person was treated at the scene with an apparent minor gunshot wound, police said.”

Cops believe that the Vegas theater shooting was the result of an “ongoing” dispute and did not stem from a random incident at the movies.