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Kathie Lee & Hoda Booze Kibosh Ends, Dry Month Over

kathie lee hoda booze

Kathie Lee Hoda‘s booze free month has come to an end — and while the lushy pair were able to drink as much as they wanted off the air, for an entire month, the daytime TV hosts abstained from wine during their show.

Kathie Lee Hoda’s booze abstaining month came due to a request from the magazine Ladies Home Journal. The two tend to drink a bit during the last hour of their four hour show, and the women’s publication challenged the pair to eschew their embrace of alcohol for the month of January as part of a health push.

Kathie Lee griped of the Kathie Lee Hoda no booze challenge:

“We have a big dilemma … I think we should have gone for February, the short month, but apparently, it’s January.”

But their hosts, true to their word, stayed off the drink for the full month of January during the four hours of their show. And on Tuesday, the duo prepped for the Winesday extravaganza borne of a month of abstinence, dubbed “booze-a-palooza.” On their site, a contributor for the network writes:

“To celebrate, the ladies are putting on the Winesday Wednesday to end them all. They’re leaping off the wagon and on to a party bus. Exactly what do they have planned? Well, you’ll just have to tune in to find out! …. Are you ready? The ladies sure are. If you want to get prepared, check out this montage of their brave journey to spend 30 days on the air without a drop of vino.”

Did you find the show as much fun during Kathie Lee Hoda’s no booze challenge?

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14 Responses to “Kathie Lee & Hoda Booze Kibosh Ends, Dry Month Over”

  1. Teresa McClure Bentley

    The Today show is 3 hours and then an hour of Hoda and Kathy Lee which I think is part of the Today Show. I don't think people could handle four hours straight of the pair.

  2. Frank Luck

    since drinking is their only talent I'm surprised they're still on the air (of course their ratings aren't the only thing sagging) – a has been and a never was celebrating drunkeness on national tv sets a fine example – does nbc liquor up the audience so they''ll sit through this tripe? Dave Garroway had a chimp as cohost and their conversations were much more interesting and intelligent. Creepy Lee's use by date expired in the 80's and I can only assume they found hoda wandering the streets drinking from a paper bag and decided she'd be the perfect complement to Gifford's bimbo.

  3. John Berg

    Looking at those two, no wonder this country is so full of shit and stupidity wrapped around the television.

  4. Anonymous

    All the encouragement of this pair drinking so much alcohol in the mornings was a big turn off to me. Decided to fast from this program and television. Truthfully, it sickens me that they drink or pretend to drink so much…even if it were an afternoon or evening show, it's pushing too much alcohol. Giving the impression that they are drunks, alcoholics, only sipping and doing it day in and day out is irresponsible on the producers of this show and television in general.

  5. Carole Bryan

    This is disgusting I do not watch the show and now knowing all this I know I will not watch. Why are they allowed to drink while they are working? Send them to rehab for at least 3 months. I never realized that Kathy Lee had a drinking problem that other guy I don't know. I is bad enough for a man to be a drunk, but for a woman it is just disgusting.

  6. Harp Neal

    Ther drunksif they drink every day that is what they are DRUNKS and if anyone thinks that is funy then your crazy, that realy makes a great hero on tv 2 drunks….I rather have a cheating baseball player as a hero than a drunk any day.

  7. Carol Ann Marshall

    What is wrong with them? Middle age stupid? They have it made in their lives. Why do they feel the need to act this way? Do they think it is cool?

  8. Deirdre Price

    Even sober, doubtful that they ever were during January, they are disgraceful. Parents with small children at home have to be extremely careful with the variety of talk-shows that are being aired during hours where children are either at home due to illness, school closures, school vacations, holidays, and where the children are not old enough for school.

    How the sensors allow two drunks to air during day time hours is beyond me. They are not funny, they are not informative, and they are flat out stupid old broads. One of these days, if they have not done so yet, something is going to slip out of their mouths that is going to harmful and hurtful to someone.

    I do not watch their show because of the drinking. There is a place and a time for a drink; publically airing your addiction on television is not the place nor the time.

    And that behind the scenes photo, makes it look like there is a whorish party going on all the time. Not even a good picture of these over-weight broads. And believe me, Kathy your waistline proves that you are packing on the pounds due to over consumption of booze.

  9. Elizabeth Fox-Cline

    I don't think they should allow all that drinking in the middle of the morning.

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