Teenager Assigned Job In A Brothel By Employment Agency

Augsburg, Germany – When 19-year-old Christine Hirmer received a letter from her local labor office offering her a job placement, she was delighted. However, the teen’s happiness soon turned to shock when she realized her new position was based in a brothel.

The Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper reports how Christine was told to report for a “waitressing job” at the Colosseum brothel in Augsberg by the German Labor Office. Instead, she headed for her local newspaper.

Speaking over the weekend, Christine reflected on the awkward moment she read the labor agency’s letter, which described how the brothel required an “attractive” female worker to cover weekday nights and weekends:

“I was looking for a decent housekeeping job – not working at a brothel bar. I was totally shocked when I read the letter. My mother even started screaming out loud when she read the letter.”

The Augsburg labor office later confessed to the newspaper it had made a mistake in offering Christine the role even though it knew The Colosseum is a brothel. In a prepared statement, the agency acknowledged it should have called the woman before to see whether she was interested in the brothel job rather than simply sending her a letter.

Prostitution is legal in Germany. Prostitutes are known to work as regular contracted employees, though the majority work independently. Brothels in the country are registered businesses that do not need a special brothel license; if food and alcoholic drinks are offered, a standard restaurant license is required.

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