Emma Bunton

Spice Girls’ Emma Bunton’s Dog Dies

Emma Bunton’s dog, Phoebe, has been found dead, two days after the singer launched the “biggest ever” search for a missing pet.

Bunton, who sang with the Spice Girls, had placed missing posters, which had been blazoned with Phoebe’s photograph, on almost every door in her neighbourhood, but the labrador’s body was eventually found on a railway track.

Celebrities had even taken to Twitter in order to plead for the safe return of the dog and volunteered to help hunt alongside the pet detective, and former police officer, Tom Watkins, who had been enlisted to assist in the search.

Phoebe was given to Bunton as a birthday present from her boyfriend Jade Jones six-years-ago. The dog was lost on Monday when she was on a walk on Monken Hadley Common in London and ran out of sight. Around a dozen volunteers scoured the near-by area, but, when darkness fell, it became apparent that the situation was grave.

Bunton took to Twitter to confirm the news, writing, “To all the amazing people who supported us at this horrible time. Our precious Phoebe has been found and it’s terrible news. We are devastated.”

Watkins confirmed that the dog was found on the train tracks, telling the Daily Mail, “That is where she was found, lying between the tracks. It is very sad but at least now the family have closure. Network Rail was contacted and a worker went on to the track and retrieved the body. She must have slipped under the fence and been hit by a train.”