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Fox News The Least Trusted Network Among Americans, Poll Finds

Fox News The Least Trusted Network, Poll Finds

Fox News is the least trusted network, with a new survey finding that close to half of respondents don’t trust the information they get from the network.

The news comes from Public Policy Polling in its annual survey of how Americans view cable and broadcast news outlets. The results were actually quite mixed, painting Fox News as the least trusted overall and yet at the same time ranking it the highest for how many people “trust it the most.”

In all the survey paints Fox News as a polarizing news source. From Mediaite:

“For the first time since PPP has been conducting their news poll, more Americans said they do not trust the news broadcast by Fox News Channel than say they do: with 46 percent saying they do not trust FNC’s product compared to 41 percent who said they do. This ranks far behind the partially publicly-funded PBS, for example. 52 percent of respondents said they trust the news PBS broadcasts compared to 29 percent who said they do not trust it.

“When it comes to news outlets that Americans “trust the most” for news, FNC still beats all of its competitors. 34 percent say they trust Fox News more than any other source. 13 percent of respondents said that PBS is the network they trust most. CNN received the support of 12 percent of survey respondents, ABC received 11 percent, and MSNBC received 8 percent. 6 percent said they trusted CBS News the most, while NBC News and Comedy Central tied for last place with just 5 percent of respondents saying they trust those networks more than any other.”

While Fox News ranked the highest for the outlet people “trust the most,” it also finished first as the one people “trust the least.” Thirty-nine percent of respondents said they trust Fox News the least, compared to 14 percent of Americans who said the same of MSNBC. while 13 percent said CNN is the least trusted name in news, and 12 percent said that of Comedy Central.

Word that Fox News is the least trusted network comes as it makes some changes to its on-air team. The Associated Press noted that network was cutting ties to Dick Morris, who was criticized for his hyper partisan commentary, including a prediction that Mitt Romney would win the 2012 election in a blowout.

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229 Responses to “Fox News The Least Trusted Network Among Americans, Poll Finds”

  1. Gary McDowell

    hahahahahah! If this is true how come they have been #1 in ratings for the past 11 years? Very easy to find info.

  2. Janelle Cook Lester

    I don't know who wrote this article but they are dreaming. I think they are all so full of themselves since Obama won. Well, go ahead, gloat, but you might better check your ratings again for wwho is trusted and who is not.

  3. Anonymous

    The pollsters must have polled the same people as the polls on gun control and O'dummy's popularity poll.

  4. Scott Rutherford

    If you really want to know which one is trusted, look at the numbers and see which one is watched the most instead of polling a bunch of people who may or may not even watch news channels.Justsayin'.

  5. Fran Anderssen

    This is the result of 800 voters, per the PPP website pages. I'll have to watch their site for the next poll because I've never heard of this group before. Sure does have some splashy headlines and strong content for the miniscule number of people who participated in this poll. It's worthless.

  6. Anonymous

    The pollsters must have polled the same people they polled on gun control and o'bummer's popularity poll.

  7. Jane Calico

    BULL Sh*t! It's more level head;than the left wing news media! Beside when you go to the others they all spout the very slanted news!

  8. Stanley W. Sloan

    Bunch of garbage, I trust them more than the godless liberal socialist media who never report the truth , Obummer doesn't like it because the truth hurts him.EVIL OVER GOOD , HIS MOTTO.

  9. David Maddux

    and which journalism did you attend? Fox is the only one who gives both sides to an issue. The others are totally one sided.

  10. Anonymous

    I am definately going to stop watching FOX News now that I saw this article. Yeah right! FOX news kills its competition….This article is worthless….

  11. Darryl Stewart

    Adolf Hitler said to get the people to believe a lie. Make sure it's a big lie, and tell it over and over. Nathan Francis is on pot.

  12. Michael Beem

    more leftist propaganda. check the ratings. No network comes close to fox news. I am sure the left would love to see fox discredited. As they are the only thing that stands between real America and a leftist dictatorship by obama.

  13. Pa Sz

    O'bummer, what is that?, surely a patriotic American isn't calling the President names?, LOL how old mentally are you?

  14. Pa Sz

    Yet another patriotic American, wish you people would move since you hate American so much, or at least grow up.

  15. Charles Goss

    all news today is biased, polls by different organizations controlled, cannot trust any organization only draw own conclusions and trust only if you can verify the facts.

  16. Ed Brightman

    They are the most biased, which may have an effect on the poll.

  17. Anonymous

    I guess that's why Fox news has more viewership than any of the other network news programs.

  18. Anonymous

    Is that why Fox news is watched by more people than any other news network?

  19. Anonymous

    I sorry I have to call BS on this one FOX News although a conservative point of view still tries to get it right I wish I could say the same for the rest of the other media sources out there.

  20. Chris M. Fagin

    WOW! You people really are a bunch of sheep. And you will believe anything FOX tells you obviously. ALL corporate owned news media LIES. They just tell Repulican or Democrat lies.But they are lies. It is so funny to see Republicans get upset when someone reports negatively about THEIR news channel, which is Fox. How could they possibly be "fair and balanced" if only Republicans believe the crap they air? And anything remotely damaging to the Republican beliefs is completely left out of the news no matter how big the story should be. Wake up people, IT'S ALL LIES. They are just saying Fox lies more, and is that really something to be proud of? MY news channel lies less than your news channel. You "party people" are all brainwashed and a bunch of lemmings. Good luck.

  21. Pat Baker

    I bet the person who wrote this article is a democrat! The media is covered by over 90% Democrats. Can't trust them. Any country that has their media covered by one party to that extent is in trouble, whether it's democrats or republicans. They need to be balanced. That way each party will inform the public of the other party's short comings! Each party does things wrong, and each party has crooked, untrustworthy people!

  22. Jeremy Coss

    This article makes very little sense. It's the most and least trusted network? What incompetent person put these numbers together?

  23. Ajayi Family

    This tells a lot about how polarized america is. It also tells that if you don't trust a news outlet, then you wont listen to them at all. 41% trust them and they hate obama, the left, etc. but its not enough to change the country. their hate is so strong, indepedents like myself who may agree with some of their principles look at them as radicals and untrustworthy. something to think about republicans.

  24. Alan Mash

    The title: Fox News The Least Trusted Network Among Americans…3rd paragraph: "FNC still beats all of its competitors. 34 percent say they trust Fox News more than any other source. TYPICAL Liberal pukes perverting and lying as USUAL! WTF…

  25. Marion Florida Discus

    A very wise man once said " Never underestimate the power of ignorant people in large groups". Looks like no eyes to see or ears to hear on this pollster team. It is obvious George and his gang are on this team slithering thru the cracks, distorting the truth. If you believe these polls there is only one way to find out if they are right. Give FOX equal time with whoever and see for yourself.

  26. Ivan Ragland

    Someone said Fox is number 1 in ratings it is because it is the only conservative news channel so every republican/conservatives tune in to that channel because that all they have while liberal/democrats/mainstream has several channels like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC so liberals have more selections so viewership is spreadout across those channels. If there was more channels for conservatives like they are for mainstream America, Fox News would not be number one it is as simple as that.

  27. Bill Wine

    Is this any surprise after FOX news promised a Romney win. Also, when their hired political expert was asked by the FOX anchor of the 'fair and balanced" news network he said " WE are going to win in a landslide". Interesting. Apparently the 'fair and balanced' means fair to Republicans only and balanced between far right and center right.

  28. Bill Wine

    Would you fucking idiots please learn to READ. 14% "do not trust" MSNBC not 86%.
    " Thirty-nine percent of respondents said they trust Fox News the least, compared to 14 percent of Americans who said the same of MSNBC. while 13 percent said CNN is the least trusted name in news, and 12 percent said that of Comedy Central.

  29. Bill Wine

    Darryl Stewart – It is sad that there are people as stupid as you on Earth. Luckily since the average FOX news worshiper is over 65 you will soon be extinct.

  30. Anonymous

    Wow, listen to all the right wing wacko losers. Remember the more you watch Fox News the less you know. Read the last election results and weep losers. So how do you feel about Karl Rove and Dick Morris now.

  31. Dick Sanders

    What kind of baloney propaganda are the Liberals putting out now? Fox News stands for fairness and decencey in their reporting, and always let both political parties air their opinions, which the other stations do not. They have the best newscasters: Bill O'Relly, Shawn Hannity, Greta Van Sustren, Shepard Smith, and many others. They tell it like it is, and don't let the Liberal left get out of hand, like they are today. I will always watch Fox News, and hope the day will come when the Republicans are in complete control of the Presidency, the Senate and the House, and give this country back the prestige for everybody to live in.

  32. Bill Wine

    Are you the biggest liar or the biggest moron ? FOX news gets 2 million viewers. CBS news , ABC news and NBC news get over 6 million viewers each.

  33. Luis Chavez

    Bill O' Riley, he invites someone to have a "discussion", the liberal will use facts and common sense, Bill will then scream, interrupt and cut to a commercial.

  34. Bill Wine

    All you FOX news lovers that keep saying its the #1 in news ratings are delusional. FOX news gets about 2 million viewers. ABC news, CBS news and ABC news gets over 6 million viewers each. As far as the most trusted that is PBS by far. As far as the most entertaining that's Comedy Central's Daily Show, which by the way averages 2 million viewers as well. So as many people watch the parody news show as they do the 'real' FOX news. And ironically there is more accurate news on the parody news Daily show than there is on FOX.

  35. Trey Collins

    how about we start a network that isn't left wing OR right wing…..that way we can have what most people would like to see…which is this new space age technology called THE FACTS without any bias whatsoever….report the facts, not your own personal inclinations…it's not that hard.

  36. Jenn Purvis

    Let me get this straight, people trust PBS, aka government news, rather than independent news sources? Am I missing something? When should we as citizens ever trust anything that comes from the mouths of government?

  37. Bill Wine

    They are not even the #1 news show. They are the number 1 CABLE news show. That's like bragging you are the number one minor league team. That does not mean you can beat the major league teams. CBS, ABC and NBC news get over 6 million viewers each. FOX news 2 million. And the average FOX news viewer is over 65. That's the oldest. So their viewers are dying off.

  38. Bill Wine

    FOX gets 2 million viewers. CBS, ABC and NBC news gets over 6 million viewers EACH. FOX news is not the number one news channel. They are the number one CABLE news channel. That's like being the number one minor league team. The major networks still crush them.

  39. Bill Wine

    Not sure if you can read or not :
    “For the first time since PPP has been conducting their news poll, more Americans said they do not trust the news broadcast by Fox News Channel than say they do: with 46 percent saying they do not trust FNC’s product compared to 41 percent who said they do. This ranks far behind the partially publicly-funded PBS, for example. 52 percent of respondents said they trust the news PBS broadcasts compared to 29 percent who said they do not trust it.
    Sounds like PBS crushes FOX.

  40. Scott Leiseth

    its really questionable that Fox News is the worst ( but highly UNRELIABLE) have you seen Piers Morgan on CNN?, I think he should be banned from this country, he was kicked out of England, all he does is insult his guests before he kicks them off his show , maybe that's why his ratings are so low , except when he has Axex Jones on his show, then they skyrocket.

  41. Bob Burwell

    Smith Ron "Thank god there is at least one right wing network….." and all this time, I believed Rupert Murdoch to be mortal.

  42. Dave Kolan

    I have no use for Fox but the NBC networks have been caught in so many lies and outright distortions with their selective editing and trying to write the narrative that I don't know how anybody can even consider them news. Fox can't be worse than that.

  43. Alex Thompson

    Fox News viewers trust Fox News the most, simply because Fox News tells them to.

  44. Anonymous

    Nice Try…We The People know….Fox News is the Truth….Barry will do any thing to Stop Fox….this Proves it!

  45. Thompson Deborah

    Fox news is the only source I trust. Since Cnn and ABC: Msnbc: and nbc won't put any real news out there unless it is slanted in Obama's direction. Just more propaganda, they think we are stupid, even the progressive's know this is nonsense, bunch of liar , two faced corrupted goveriment I have ever lived to see. the whole damn bunch is been bought off and paid off by the damn commie's. I get my news from other sources , most of it is not from television. Proganda Specialist. Just like Jos Gerbers the Hilter's P.R or propaganda specialist. all bunch of b/s.

  46. Debbie Doran

    duhhhh, everyone knows this to be fact,,,,,,,,,, i watched fox news one time and only one time and that's all it took,,, they can fool some of the people some of the time, but most people are a lot smarter than fox gives them credit for,,,,,

  47. E.a. O'Donnell

    as soon as someone says 'it's entertainment' I know they do not watch – they are repeating what liberal media tells them. Same thing was said about Limbaugh for years.

  48. San Lefave

    UNbelievable! The survey must have been taken with 10 of Obozo's closest friends! Fox News is #1 now and HAS BEEN #1 for 11 years so, GET a life with your lame survey!

  49. E.a. O'Donnell

    So, according to paragraph 2, the headline is misleading. The poll was split on most and least trusted. Of course, liberals don't watch Fox they just repeat what CNN tells them.

  50. Anonymous

    A lot of folks at Fox said Romney would win by a landslide; ( who do you trust? )

  51. John James

    Bill Wine

    Sorry, you need to compare apples and apples. You have to compare Fox news to CNN, and MSNBC, which are CABLE news channels. What you're doing is comparing apples and oranges. Cable doesn't compare to network, which is why they're in separate ratings categories.

    Don't be such a moron.

  52. Anonymous

    Darryl Stewart – I get same feeling from Fox News. To each his own :)

  53. Anonymous

    FOX is definitely the best news source for fearful old people who are shut ins with the curtains drawn. It a scary world out there…

  54. Douglas D'Arnall

    Dear Mr. Wine: Before you call people morons and liars I would suggest you do your homework. Comparing cable news ratings to network news is the epitome of apples to oranges! Network News viewership (your beloved CBS, NBC and ABC) has gone steadily downward since 1980 from 52 million to less than 22 million for the combined networks.

  55. Walter Wingo Perry

    Nathan must be a homo…and he polled all his homo friends.

  56. Paul Crandall

    Based on the responses from the comments of Yahoo readers, FOX NEWS must be the most trusted network. Come on Yahoo…. You guys are in the tank for Obama and the entire liberal agenda… Homosexual anything, Killing Babies, Debt to the hilt, food stamps, Section 8, AFDC, Obamacara and Obamaphones… Yahoo news is as bad as MSNBC and your so called journalists are the worst. If it weren't for your sports and finance, I would never visit this lousy forum for news. Please realize that 1/2 the country is paying all of the bills and works all day long, raises children (actually raises them) and goes to bed by 10 P.m. You fuggin idiots live a life that will force this country to bow down to Sharia Law in the near future. I wish we would reinstate the draft, and take all the journalists, the lawyers, the low life government moochers and the bums and put them on the front line. The prevention of breeding of you tattooed, pierced liberal moochers is the only way to save this country. Shape up now or ship out.

  57. Paul Crandall

    Bill: You are an idiot low life… One must pay for cable you liberal thug… That is why NBC, ABC and CBS are all government propagandists..

  58. Tim Schaufuss

    It's all a big scam. None of the news agencies can be trusted it's all a big lie. They are keeping the truth from all of us, and leading us to believe that they are our friends, it's not true they know more than there are telling us.

  59. Anonymous

    Nice try Obama and your Suppressed Biased Media. The only people that believe this crap are you and your welfare sponges… Did they take their poll standing outside of the Obama Phone giveaway? PUKES

  60. Anonymous

    Bill Wine better get to the free phone giveaway so you can phone a friend for HELP since its obvious you are clomplete IDIOT… SPONGE

  61. Anonymous

    Jeremy Coss Why I couldn't agree more with you since YOU are the illiterate type that the Onama Admin wants.. Stupid uninformed and UNABLE to make intelligent decisions. Long live the Dumbass Liberals… NOT

  62. Fred Hedenberg

    Headline does not match story content. Other media sources much lower ratings. Clever but misleading. Besdies FNC covers what the sold out lamestream media won't. That's not even competition. Not eeven journalism.

  63. Terry Whitford

    Yes, and I don;t trust Yahoo news at all. Every news organization is known to do anything for rates except tell the truth.

  64. Paul Crandall

    Bill, your name is appropriate… You are drunk and you complain a great deal… MSNBC is to America what PRAVDA was to the former Soviet Union. Break out your hammer and sickle you foolish little man.

  65. Joseph Keller

    Its much easier to get viewers when your news is free and funded by the government (aka OTA antenna signal). You cannot get fox news channel OTA.

  66. Anonymous

    The poll was TIMED to tie into the personnel changes to give "Support" to the already biased leftist numbers.

    I don't watch ANY NEWS SHOWS ( just read) but I know the RACISM OBAMMAMAA AND CREW code words ie Fox news.

    you mslsd types are self hating racists and until THAT CHANGES you can take that poll and ram it where obams has his appendage.

  67. Joseph Keller

    What a load of garbage. This author should burn down below. Headline is a half truth. Just like a true politician.

    " While Fox News ranked the highest for the outlet people “trust the most,” it also finished first as the one people “trust the least.”.

  68. Joseph Keller

    Bill Wine, do you know how to read? Look a little bit below that. "While Fox News ranked the highest for the outlet people “trust the most,” it also finished first as the one people “trust the least.”

    I guess asking you to read would be a little to hard.

  69. Ryan Soldan

    Larry West ,You are correct, kind of funny how all of Murdocks other so called news entities are all tabloid media but some how these fools haven't figured Fox is to, its just like the Enquirer or Star magazine on Tv..

  70. Robert Stead

    So the writer has two choicess for a headline…Fox is the most trusted…or Fox is the least trusted…and they "choose" least. Nope, nothing biased here, move along people , move along.

  71. Ryan Soldan

    Yeah Fox covers stuff no one else will, because legit news outlets are not going to report on unfounded bulll crap stories.

  72. Anonymous

    Jerry Springer and Jersey Shore get GREAT ratings as well. Don't put all your eggs in the ratings basket Janelle.

  73. Ryan Soldan

    Hay, by the way uninformed fool ,that phone program was started like 3 or 4 Presidents ago.But of course you get your news from Fox so you wouldn't know that …

  74. Ronnie Fulcher

    Karl Rove and Dick Morris may have been doing the polling..

  75. Ryan Soldan

    Patrick Michael Doran ,Its still better than the Bush economy , so whats your point..

  76. Ryan Soldan

    Paul Crandall ,Dont be mad cause people like you are the minority now, everybody that isn't a right wing nut or an old Fart knows Fox news is bull crap..

  77. Mike Bailey

    TOTAL BULL SH! T……. LIBERALS ARE LAUGHABLE……. Dems and Liberals are distroying this country with the lack of morals and family values —– that's what you get when you vote an UNDER-QUILIFIED (community organizer) for president (because he's COOL)..

  78. Andrew Spratt

    don't put "retarded" in that category. Fox news is its own category all together.

  79. Guido Ambrosi


  80. Charles Goin

    Well what does it say when Comedy Central is the trusted news source by 5% of America?

  81. David Kithcart

    The half who responded negatively probably never even watch Fox News. They get their "news" from The Daily Show, Letterman, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, Yahoo News, etc. etc., and so believe all the hype about Fox News being "Faux News" and other such hogwash. A majority of Americans are incapable of thinking for themselves; they believe whatever is spoon-fed to them by the liberal MSM. Just look at the results of the last election.

  82. David Hopper

    Just because people watch FOX don't mean they trust it, i watch FOXmy self everyday i also think it appeals to mostly rightwing lunitics,of course people like to watch it, it's a joke, people don't trust it because they do watch it. ok come on with the racist rants.

  83. Janet F Cox

    I watched Fox News for 2 months when I tried hard to be a republican. Couldn't stand it.. not rich enough, racist enough, religious enough or selfish enough to qualify. I am now back in the democratic fold where we care about people other then ourselves and the wealthy. If you are republican and make less then 150,000 per yr, you are shooting yourselves in the foot each time you vote. That is what I learned by listening closely to O'Reilly and his ilk so THANK YOU Fox news! So LISTEN UP middle class America!

  84. Julia Murry Stevens

    Darryl Stewart ………..stop stealing my thunder( I'm kidding )… :) that is exactly what i do. About 5-10 min. is all i can take of msnbc. God bless an have a great day.

  85. Scott Frohbieter

    The problem with FOX News is that EVERYTHING and I mean everything Obama proposes is wrong, even if the Republicans suggested it first. This kind of reporting defies common sense and is misleading in a very detrimental way. They are not fooling people who are knowledgeable about what is going on and are well read and listen to a variety of news outlets to be able to make a common sense and reasoned decision. They only cater to people of like interest who are close minded and make up their minds before they know the FACTS. Facts by the way completely ignored by Fox News. They are no more than bullies but their strategy is failing and it will continue to deteriorate.

  86. Betsie Miklos

    Amazing. Look at the headlines on this article. It looks like Fox is hated but read the rest. No network except PBS had a positive rating. So why do people not trust the media. This article is a good example.

  87. Anonymous

    Your headline fails to say they are most trusted also! I'm sure it was just an oversight!

  88. Anonymous

    Bill Wine, why cant you just disagree without calling your fellow AMERICANS insulting names. I am so sick and tired of all this negativity .

  89. Cro Misterc

    We live in a world of liberal junkies. The results of a successful media company are in the RATINGS! So it is simple! Just keep on advertiizing on those biased supposedly mainstream media….and I'll continue to advertize on FOX NEWS and continue to mke money for my company!

  90. Monserrate Rodriguez

    When every you want to watch comedy all you have to do is tune in to Fox, The youth watch comedy central that's were they get their information and then there are the ones that like to check fact and read or go to the library (smart people), those that think Fox are telling them the truth are old white frats that hold on to guns so they could feel powerful but real aren't that's why they lost the last election any many more to come

  91. Monserrate Rodriguez

    When every you want to watch comedy tune in to Fox, nothing they say is checked and they don't like to check facts they just want you to believe what they say People have stay away from News channels and read more or go to the library and educate yourself, that's the best way to go………………….

  92. Stephen Bellinger

    Just beacuse FNC had high ratings, doesn't make it trustworthy, just means lots of people watch it. I watch FNC regularly, but I see their bias outright, and their distortions…. the same can be said of MSNBC. And as MISINFORMED as the general American public is, they must not be getting good info, and if a great many of those people are watching FNC, what does that say about the info they are getting from FNC? High ratings doesn't mean you are telling the truth, and only a fool would make that correlation. Besides, if you get your news from only ONE source, you are not that bright anyway.

  93. Marilyn McCauley

    Bill Wine, take a look loser! Google it!
    Fox News: Most Watched Cable News Channel For 39th Consecutive Quarter

  94. Marilyn McCauley

    Sounds like you might be the sheep! You're the one getting upset!

  95. Marilyn McCauley

    Bill Wine,

    Fox News: Most Watched Cable News Channel For 39th Consecutive Quarter

  96. Bob Brereton

    People watch Comedy Central for their news? As far as the lib channels they are shills for Obama.

  97. Marilyn McCauley

    I guess you don't watch MSNBC with Chris Mathews or Ed Schultz…that's BIAS!!!

  98. Anonymous

    Couldn't this headline also read…"Fox News, The most trusted channel in news". Face it. The left LIES.

  99. Stephen Bellinger

    Can't happen in todays world. Once news divisons came under the banner of entertainment, and had to show a profit, just the fcats when out the window. Edward R Murrow could do want he did because in his day, the news, didn't have to make a profit. CBS had All in the Family to make money, so Walter Cronkite, didn't have to. Todays is just not the same.

  100. Gary Davis

    Sorry Neil, Bill is right. The three broadcast networks have MUCH more viewers than Fox News.
    Fox News is only "#1" against other cable networks.

  101. Carol Near Schreck

    This is a liberal polling operation making up BS to fit their beliefs. They can only dream that FOX is not trusted. But they are hoping that by putting out this BOGUS BUll, the morons will believe it.
    FOX's audience is bigger than CNN, MSNBC and Current combined. I think it is CNN and MSNBC who have a creditabilit problem and their audience size tells it all.

    NIce try LIBs LOL.

  102. Jeff Bumgardner

    The point is this…….few news agencies are trusted. Regardless of the Fox haters here, THAT is the issue. And, after watching American news networks fire journalists for unethical behavior or doctoring tapes for a political viewpoint, WE are the losers………not just the Fox or NBC haters. My suggestion to journalists is this. Stop covering one party and covering UP for another. Easy to do really, one has to be able to plug in Bush where Obama is mentioned and vice-versa.

  103. Deborah Lahoud

    Interesting choice of headline when FOX news is the MOST trusted. So it has the honor of being both the MOST trusted and LEAST trusted but hey LETS LEAD WITH THE BAD. Biased, stupid article.

  104. Pat Baker

    Yeah, your right, but I noticed that you did not mention any untrustworthy democrats! Let me do it for you! Yeah, like Hillary Clinton is trustworthy!!! What about Dan Rather?

  105. Nadja Adolf

    Yeah. Half of Americans don't trust it – and the other half watch it. I would have expected the least trusted network to have been MSNBC, but then I hold an advanced degree.

  106. Nunyer Binnis

    Sure, Fox the Neocon mouthprice sucks, but not as badly as the rest of the LSM, who are shills for the totalitarian leftists.

  107. Pat Baker

    I do watch all the news stations, then I pick the one that I think is the most fair and I watch it more often, which is Fox News. I am sure many people do the same, and that is how Fox News comes out on top!! So the ratings can say that is more trustworthy!!! If you watch all the news stations, an honest person would notice that they all have fanatics on them. There are certain people on all the news stations that I change stations the minute I see them on it. After I have watched all the news stations, I have come to the conclusion that MSNBC is the most bias news station on TV!!! However, one should watch all stations to make the decision which one they like best, and watch it more often. That's what I do. I know that is how Fox got its ratings!!!

  108. Pat Baker

    So, you are one of those far left liberals, are you!! You liberals just don't like anyone, and I mean anyone, telling the truth about you liberal democrats. What about those bullies on MSNBC, such as Rachel Meadows, which is one of the biggest bullies around!!!!

  109. Pat Baker

    There are more than 30% people drawing from government programs during the first 4 years of Obama's administration. If it increases that much more during his next 4 years our programs are going to be broke. Increases in bums will break America, no matter which president started the program.

  110. Pat Baker

    As if anyone would trust what you say!! If ABC, NBC, and and CBS get 6 million viewers to Fox News 2 million viewers, then why is Fox rated no. 1. Where did you get you numbers? I would like to see it.That doen't make sense.

  111. Pat Baker

    There are a lot of idiots around then. You must be one of those liberals from California. Go back to the country you came from!!

  112. Pat Baker

    They did make a mistake predicting the outcome of the election, but no one can be absolutely sure who is going to win. They did make a mistake there. I am a Fox News fan, but even I thought they had made a mistake predicting the outcome of the election, even before I knew the outcome. However, other stations make mistakes too. Didn't Dan Rather and some other CBS executives lose their jobs because of falsifying some information on George Bush? You call that fair and balanced. Fox News just predicted, CBS just outright lied!!!

  113. Pat Baker

    Maybe you are right! However, you did bring out the fact that over 90% of the news media is covered by democrats. That's not good for any country to be controlled by one party to that extent, no matter which party it is! Sad!!! Germany was controlled by only one party once upon a time, and look how that turned out.

  114. Pat Baker

    Millions of people in America, and the poll only involves a small number of people. How fair and balanced is that?

  115. Stanley W. Sloan

    Don't think so Mr. Davis, i'm not for murdering babies in the womb, homosexuals pushing their crap on people, muslims murdering and torturing anyone who isn't one of them,ect,ect,ect ,there's no doubt Obama is making a mess of this country and sooner the decent honest God fearing people of the USA. wake up and clean up this Government the better

  116. Nancy Painter

    Bill, a word of wisdom for you. Check your facts before you spout off, otherwise you become insignificant. You might want to re-post.

  117. Nancy Painter

    Bill Wine Here you go again. CHECK your facts. You are officially insignificant! No more time spent reading or responding to your "really, really inaccurate" "facts." Your opinions/wishes do not qualify as facts Bill. Sad, so sad.

  118. Anonymous

    Fight fight "my news has the highest ratings therefore it is proof they are the most trusted cable news channel" *continues to read through the heated exchanges.*.

  119. Vishal Kalpee

    at least someone is saying it! Fox News isn't even factual news! plus those people does not have one hint of journalism in their feeble minds. They are being paid big bucks to say the words of….how can I put this… wallstreet, the republicans and so on… AT LEAST WE HAVE JON STEWART AND STEPHEN COLBERT TO MAKE FUN OF THEM!

  120. Vishal Kalpee

    at least someone is saying it! Fox News isn't even factual news! plus those people does not have one hint of journalism in their feeble minds. They are being paid big bucks to say the words of….how can I put this… wallstreet, the republicans and so on… AT LEAST WE HAVE JON STEWART AND STEPHEN COLBERT TO MAKE FUN OF THEM!

  121. Vishal Kalpee

    Pat Baker …. how dare you be so racist! how about this… how about YOU go back to the damn country your ancestors came from!

  122. Vishal Kalpee

    Pat Baker …. how dare you be so racist! how about this… how about YOU go back to the damn country your ancestors came from!

  123. Dimario D-Raw Washington

    You mean a DISlike button?? Lol…. To "UNlike" something, you would first have to like it, right?

  124. Anonymous

    Don't stop arguing and name calling and other funny things. I demand more entertainment. Who care if some/ (a) cable news compan(y)/(ies) are fabrication only as long as that gives themselves all the viewers they need to get their message out. Then their willfully ignorant cheerleaders I mean viewers spout the talking points as facts because the show(s) and or network(s) have the most viewership. The losing party will still have their collective heads stuck into the ground while talking smack.

  125. Stephen Bellinger

    Pat Baker… high ratings does NOT equal trustworthy… Honey Boo Boo has high ratings too, do you believe everything on that show? High ratings just mean that a lot of people watch it, nothing more. Doesn't make it any more honest than the next. And BTW if you can't see the boas on FNC, then you are willfully blind.

  126. Lisa Marie Panoski

    just so u know thats my cuzin u talked about and disrespected on facebook dont like what he posts on his facebook page find the unfriend button and press it simple as that and p.s. talk about people from chicago being stupid guess what people born and raised in any part of wisconsin got brains like beavis and butt head

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