Jeb Bush offered to buy Marlins

Jeb Bush Offered To Buy Marlins, Owner Jeffrey Loria Declined

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush made a “large offer” to buy the Miami Marlins, only to have the offer turned down by current owner, Jeffrey Loria.

According to the Miami Herald, Bush and a group of investors made the offer during the current offseason. A source told the paper that Venezuelan media mogul Gustavo Cisneros was a possibility for one of the group members.

Loria said he “loves” owning the team and has no intention of selling the Marlins. A friend of Loria confirmed that he would not sell the team unless he has a change or heart or his health declines.

However, should Bush own even a small percentage of the team, he would be allowed to become managing partner in accordance with MLB rules.

If the 72-year-old Loria does decide to sell the Marlins, it would serve him well to wait until after 2014 when he would not longer be required to share the profits with Miami-Dade County.

Jeb Bush may be trying to follow in the footsteps of his older brother, former president George W. Bush, who was part owner of the Texas Rangers from 1989 to 1998. The 43rd president persuaded taxpayers to finance a new stadium for the Rangers and presided over the team’s improvement.

A spokeswoman for the Miami Marlins told CBS News, “We do not comment on rumors, other than the Marlins are not for sale.”

In November, Loria came under fire after several Marlins players were traded to the Toronto Blue Jays, angering many Miami fans.

Last season, the Miami Marlins finished last in the NL East with a 69-93 record.