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$200 To Quit Facebook: Dad Pays 14-Year-Old To Log Off For Five Months

$200 To Quit Facebook: Dad Pays 14-Year-Old To Log Off For Five Months

How does $200 to quit Facebook sound? The catch is you can’t sign on again for another five months, at the least.

That was they deal that Paul Baier offered his 14-year-old daughter. If she could make quit Facebook for five months, he promised to give her $200.

Baier wasn’t messing around with his $200 offer to quit Facebook, Yahoo! News noted. The dad actually drew up legal paperwork for his daughter, Rachel, to sign.

It may sound difficult for a 14-year-old to quit Facebook cold turkey, but Rachel Baier has some milestones along the way. If she can make it until mid-April she gets $50. She receives the rest of the money on June 26, should she make it that far.

To make sure his daughter doesn’t cheat on his $200 offer to quit Facebook, Paul asked Rachel for her password.

It sounds like the act of an overly concerned parent, but Paul said the $200 Facebook bet was his daughter’s idea.

“She mostly wanted and needed the money as she has been frustrated by not finding babysitting jobs. She is honors student but she says Facebook can be distracting.”

Rachel Baier isn’t the only one quitting Facebook, though not everyone is getting paid to do it. Back in June a Reuters/Ipsos poll also found that one-third of Facebook users claimed to be using the social network less over the last six months.

Paul Baier said he thinks its a good thing.

“I’ve realized that she is part of generation of kids that has grown up on Facebook. She’s been on it for two years full time. This is two years of 24/7 teen discussion of friends, clothes, parties, etc. They can’t get away from it. I’m proud she recognized the benefit of a hiatus. She plans to go on using it after the contract end.”

Rachel doesn’t seem to have any big plans for the $200 she’ll get to quit Facebook. She said she’s planning on getting “some stuff” with it.

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47 Responses to “$200 To Quit Facebook: Dad Pays 14-Year-Old To Log Off For Five Months”

  1. Julie Moskal

    Would you go to work without being paid? Why? Why not? Hint: incentive.

  2. Peter Nuth

    Of course there is incentive but do I have to pay off my kids every time I discipline them. There are other incentives besides monetary value.

  3. Elizabeth Hoeveler

    It was more of a mutual agreement
    with Dad offering to sweeten the pot.
    It's not like Dad had to beg her to get off.
    Try reading the whole article, next time.

  4. Matt Coffer

    As I post this w/ facebook comments… Dad is getting duped. She'll be on Instagram and Twitter instead. In fact facebook is getting lame for kids. Instagram is where its at now for them. Hide from their parents who got accounts too.

  5. Elizabeth Hoeveler

    Well, a 14 y/o has no car
    and probably no cellphone so
    she IS far away from friends.
    I wish people would read the whole article –
    she wanted to cut back, anyway!

  6. Elizabeth Hoeveler

    Zijing Ky – Oh, yeah, great idea when every other kid can use their computers.
    Great way to fast-track a potential college applicant.

  7. The Absent Minded Housewife

    And I can't get my 18 year old kid to join it, especially now he's off to Navy bootcamp! (No, he can't join while he's at boot camp but he can when he gets to his A school.) Maybe I'll give my kid 200 bucks anyway.

  8. Carolina Mendez

    I think for a 14 years old is hard to find a job, I am not sure for what she needed the money but I guess it was for a good reason, she is an honors student and to be an honor student in high school is hard when I was in high school I was an honor student for some of my classes and it was very hard to keep up with the work, so she is right facebook can be very distracting and is very hard to stay away from fb, also I guess her idea of asking her father to do this bet with her is better than getting it from somewhere that she is not safe… this might not be the best way to gives her the money but as parents we all make mistake we are humans and we are allow to make them that's what make us a better person, I cant judge him because I had make mistakes plus I guess he is a good father because she is an honor student and I don't think he would just give her the money without knowing the reason why she needs it for… you guys don't have to agree but that what think…

  9. Shane Gonsalves

    or just block the ports from FB so no computer can go onto it until she makes another one under a diff name at 14 she prob has at least 3.

  10. Michael Bowen

    i had to retire after my last combat tour in Iraq but i still keep contact with my soldiers and they were in Africa on face book lol Army has good tek and sats are all over lol

  11. Leslie Siegel

    She should just come off Facebook and not take the bribe from dad, but rather donate some of her brains to tutoring or civic projects. What a joke.

  12. Chester Manlangit

    She can recover her password from her e-mail and change the password. Free $200 dollars.

  13. Anonymous

    Deactivate Rachel Baier and activate Raych Baier… Collect $200 and enjoy Facebook! Lol

  14. Lori Gibbons-Mixon

    I agree paying your children is sad, but look at some that have been breeding, they are children themselves so how else would you expect them to raise their own?

  15. Amanda Coronado

    The daughter is the one who offered to get off of it for money. Dad just agreed to it and he is not disciplining her for it. Read the article!!!

  16. Joshua Daniel Flack

    if her dad is willing to give her $200 just for leaving FB for 5 months, she probably has a better phone than me……….and i read the whole article, but the problem could be avoided all together with a 14 year old not having a FB…….that's what myspace was/is for

  17. Al Shelby

    For what? To show that he has so much money? He is paying her $200 in 5 months…that's $40 a month. I'm sure she would make more than that babysitting part-time.

  18. Lois Lynn Kingsbury

    My dad simply quit paying for the internet and my 13 y/o sister doesn't get on facebook anymore. Problem solved… He's saving money and she's forced to quit.

  19. Jay Snow

    Duh. It's not work; it's play. And FAR TOO MUCH of it. I agree with SPO'R. Paying your kids to do what they are told is a ridiculous notion.

  20. Jay Snow

    To everyone who says "read the whole article": I did read it. And you aren't getting the bigger picture. Like the kids, all you see is someone paid someone else to quit facebook. And you want a piece of the action. So you'll continue to waste time on Complaintbook until someone ponys up some dough for you to cut the ties.

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