Northeast Blizzard Expected

Northeast Blizzard Could Leave At Least A Foot Of Snow

A possible Northeast blizzard could leave at least a foot of snow in places, including Boston, this weekend.

Revised estimates of the storm show that up to 18 inches of snow may be seen in Boston and central Massachusetts by 7 pm on February 9.

Earlier predictions had totals between eight and 10 inches for the area, reports The San Francisco Chronicle. Six inches of snow or more is expected for New York City.

Rob Carolan, a meteorologist who founded Hometown Forecast Services Inc. stated of the impending snow storm, “It has the potential to be a big one.”

The weather service has also posted a winter storm watch for the Northeast United States from Maine to Connecticut. A hazardous weather alert is also in place from New York City to Cape Cod.

New Yorkers should expect to see snow starting Thursday night. It will spread into New England early on Friday morning. CBS News notes that the winter storm watches and warnings will likely expand as the storm gets closer.

The hardest hit areas are expected to be eastern Long Island, eastern Connecticut, and southeastern New England. Paul Walker, an expert senior meteorologist with AccuWeather Inc. stated:

“We have come to the consensus that eastern New England will be experiencing blizzard conditions late Friday into Saturday morning.”

Large amounts of snow are only expected if an influx of cold air mixes with moisture coming up from the South. While most computer models don’t see that happening yet, it is still a possibility.

Are you prepared for a major Northeast blizzard?

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