‘Star Wars’ Standalone Movies Confirmed, Could Feature Boba Fett

Need another Star Wars rumor to get you through the week? It’s currently being reported that intergalactic bounty hunter Boba Fett will be featured in his very own standalone movies.

Now that Disney and Lucasfilm have confirmed that plans are being made for several standalone movies, many have wondered who might be featured in these upcoming flicks. According to Giant Freaking Robot, Han Solo and Boba Fett are early contenders for these proposed cinematic adventures.

The Inquisitr previously touched on the possibility of a Yoda movie, a film which would likely tackle the little green guy’s life as a young Jedi. Machete Kills director Robert Rodriguez had previously expressed interest in helming a Han Solo movie. Now it would seem that a Boba Fett flick is currently being kicked around by Lucasfilm.

Should the Boba Fett movie actually make it to the big screen, Entertainment Weekly explains the story will likely take place between the events in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

The website also explains the Han Solo tale will probably unfold between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Unless the studio decides to go the TRON: Legacy route and digitally de-age 70-year-old Harrison Ford, chances are another actor would be tapped to portray the character.

Disney CEO Bob Iger recently told CNBC that standalone Star Wars films are currently in the works. However, Iger stopped short of revealing which movies would be headed to the big screen.

As always, it’s best to approach these rumors with a grain of salt. Star Wars rumors are a dime a dozen these days, so nothing should be accepted as gospel until Disney and Lucasfilm make an official announcement.

What do you think about the Star Wars standalone movies? Do you think Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Yoda are the right characters to explore?