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Staten Island Mom Catches Nanny On Hidden Camera Abusing Baby Daughter [Video]

Nanny Mamura Nasirova Is Caught Abusing A Baby On A Hidden "Nanny Cam"

They say the camera never lies. In the case of one mother and the nanny she entrusted with caring for her baby, that phrase turned out to be devastatingly true.

A Staten Island mother who believed the nanny she employed was hurting her child installed a hidden “nanny-cam” in her home to see if her suspicions were correct.

According to Metro US, law enforcement officers have confirmed that, while the baby’s mother was out at a store, nanny Mamura Nasirova, 52, was caught on a “nanny cam” hitting and shaking a 5-month-old baby girl.

The incident took place on Sunday, January 28 at 4.20 pm.

A video, which was later uploaded to YouTube, clearly shows the nanny bottle feeding the baby who is sitting in a baby chair on the living room floor.

The nanny then removes the bottle and begins hitting the baby in the face.

When the now-crying baby then refuses to take the bottle, Nasirova hits her legs and shakes her.

While the abuse occurred, another child remained sitting on the couch and was not harmed — physically — by the nanny.

The “nanny-cam” was hidden inside a carbon monoxide detector in the home after the family first began to suspect the Uzbekistan-native nanny was not all she seemed.

On that fateful Sunday, the baby’s mother watched the abusive incident from another location.

After witnessing what happened, the mother reportedly rushed back to the family’s Woodlawn Avenue home in Staten Island, New York and confronted Nasirova.

The New York Post reports that the mother then called the police and posted the video online.

The nanny was arrested on Sunday at 6:15 pm at the family’s address. She reportedly resisted arrest when police attempted to place handcuffs on her.

Nasirova has since been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and resisting arrest, said a spokesman for the DA Daniel Donovan.

She is currently being held in jail in lieu of $1,000 cash bail and is due to appear in court on Friday, CBS New York reports.

As a result of the abuse, the baby suffered swelling to her body, say sources quoted by the New York Post.

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54 Responses to “Staten Island Mom Catches Nanny On Hidden Camera Abusing Baby Daughter [Video]”

  1. Ann Stacy

    Why would a Jewish family hire a Muslim nanny? Ummm haven't you heard about the ongoing feud now heading into year ummmm 4000?

  2. Kristyn Thompson

    I would literally kill this woman if she did this to my baby.

  3. Misty Gervasio Hinnen

    I would have called the cops on myself first, then the beating would have BEGUN and not ended until they arrested me!

  4. Linda Sadalia Tucker

    That lil baby was jus taking its bottle. Doing nothing wrong! I so glad I wasn't that parent. I would have pulled a bat out before calling the police

  5. Patrick Smythe

    then, since literally means you actually would kill her, she would have commited assault and YOU would be first degree murderer… stupid.

  6. Patrick Smythe

    then, since literally means you actually would kill her, she would have commited assault and YOU would be first degree murderer… stupid.

  7. Carrie Rumps

    If the mom thought the nanny was hurting her kid why not fire her right off instead if buying a nanny cam and waiting for it to happen again

  8. Becky Wagner

    That broke my heart, poor little baby, I wanted to jump threw this screen and beat the shit out of her! Hate people like that!

  9. Charity Wilson

    That nanny wouldn't been able to resist arrest if that was my kids! Wtf would you hate a baby for know reason like that!?!? I would never trust anyone around my kids ever again if that was me.

  10. Mildred Serrianne

    She could've been wrong because babies don't always act abnormal due to other peoples' actions. She did the right thing to a certain extent, but I would've beat the crap out of the woman had I seen her treat my baby like that. If you wouldn't, you're either not a moter or just don't care how your child is treated so long as you don't have to deal with it. I pray you just aren't a mommy!!!

  11. Shabana Haq

    Onmy $1000 bail?but when a person hurts an animal they are charged more. They should have have her on a 20000 bail.

  12. Tanya Louise Neal

    Patrick, you must not be a parent or don't care enough about your kids, because I would gladly go to prison to make sure this monster never has another chance to abuse an infant of mine.

  13. Dannett Scappaticci

    I would not have called the Cops I would have called the CORONER! They would have taken that CUNT out of my house in a Body Bag!

  14. Laura Hudson

    Can a nanny cam be used in court? Cause it would be a smart move to do if the cam could get the nanny in trouble. I didn't read the article, but if I were in her shoes and suspected the nanny was up to something, I honestly would've used a nanny cam since I'm paranoid and don't want to overreact. But if I thought it was something really severe then yes I may just fire the nanny to protect my baby

  15. Christine Ford

    Yes i agree. Good she caught her but shaken baby syndrome cant be undone and happens so fast. I wouldnt have taken the chance. But im glad they caught her and stopped her from doing it to someone else.

  16. Christine Ford

    Yep the nanny would be happy to have the cops come to get her by that point. Give her pick on someone her own size.

  17. Nicki Fitzgerald

    I was thinking that myself and the mother left to the baby sitter shaking the baby could have really hurt or even killed the baby. If I thought that someone was hurting my kid I would have never left the kid alone with her again. If she really wanted to catch her in the act then she could have waited outside until something happened then rushed inside and called the cops

  18. Ruth Krumm

    If that was one of my children, the cops would be pulling me off the nanny.And it would have taken more than one cop, cause I would have kept beating.

  19. Denise Montague

    I guess this is the chance one takes when they hire a stranger to take care of their children. Why hire a Nanny to begin with… I feel bad for the child (in more ways than one).

  20. Adrienne Goudy

    I would have beaten the shit out of her. I just had a daughter and I cried watching this, just thinking about what it would be like if this happened to my little girl. And my husband wonders why I don't want to leave her with anyone.

  21. Kendall Emerson

    What the hell, 5 month old and she leaves the child with a babysitter to go to the store. Sounds to me like the nanny should have been beating the mother. People do dumb things sometime, i swear. But on the real, nanny would be beat down first, then maybe i call the police.

  22. Jolie Gerding

    That *itch is lucky she was still able to stand by the time the police got there….not sure I would've been able to report it – she might have just disappeared.

  23. Dannett Scappaticci

    Yea and Killing her would save some other innocent baby!

  24. Erica Vaughn

    I just don't understand what makes someone do this to a child. I really don't.

  25. Denise Wilson

    OMG give me 5 minutes with that bitch and I will show her what a beating is all about. UGH! This kind of thing enrages me. It's a little baby, just a little baby!!

  26. Linda Howard Crimminger

    This nanny is lucky I wasn't the mother. The way she slapped the baby in the face. No telling what she was saying to the baby while hitting her .. I would have had to at least knock her teeth out before she was arrested..or slap her a couple good times with a full baby bottle a cross the face ( for my baby)

  27. Alexandra Haechrel

    I couldn't even watch the the whole thing! As a mother of two, I thank The Lord each day for the financial ability to be with my kids or with trusted family members! My kids can push all my buttons and I would NEVER ever do what that woman did!! (My kids are 12 and 2). I hope she gets what she deserves and that the baby is fine!

  28. Kelly Millar-Wellman

    I am scared to death to know what she did to the baby when she went off camera. She was obviously taking her back there so the other child couldn't see what she was doing! I am very impressed by this mother's ability to control herself, because I would have gone to jail for what I would have done to this woman!

  29. Kayla Grice

    This is why I will not get a job until my babies are in school. My babies are mine and will be taken care of by their mommy. I am too picky and my momma would be the only one I would trust to take my babies.This does show that some people need an education prison is not the answer unless, you go back to the old days and these idiots have to be in shackles working their asses off instead of what they do in prisons now.

  30. Jo-Anne Leier Caruselle

    This was so said, just down the street from me!

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