Teens Save Family from Kidnapper

Teens Save Kids From Kidnap Attempt, Man Claimed He Was President Obama

A group of teenagers sprung into action on Saturday when they realized a group of young children were about to be kidnapped.

According to Sharaya Smith, 28, she was watching her 4-year-old daughter, Tatiana, and 3-year-old nephew, Dante, at a playground in New Port Richey, Florida. As the children played 34-year-old Bienvenido Cintron showed up at the park.

The kidnapper was carrying a bible and yelling “I am Obama!” and “I have been sent by God to rid the country of drug dealers and prostitutes.”

Smith told ABC Action News that something was “definitely off with him.”

The mother grabbed her child and nephew but Cintron attempt to snatch the children from her arms. The man then claimed that 3-year-old Dante was a drug dealer and 4-year-old Tatiana was a prostitute.

Three teenage boys heard the mothers shouts for help and ran to her protection, surrounding Sharaya and the children.

According to Kaperville.com she revealed:

“One of them had their hand on me and one was by [Tatiana] and one was by Dante … And they made sure that he didn’t touch the kids. And they didn’t leave.”

Smith called her brother and sister to pick her up and the teens escorted her to the family car where Cintron once again tried to grab the children.

Police arrived after Smith drove off and called 911. Officers found Cintron at the playground covered in blood with two black eyes, a swollen cheek and a bloody nose. Cintron told the arresting officers that the group of teenagers beat him up.

Kidnapper Bienvenido Cintron

Officers arrested Cintron for kidnapping and auto burglary.
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