Marijuana bunker seized

Seized Underground Pot Bunker Was A Father/Son Project

Manchester, England – Hey dads, are you looking for a constructive way to bond with your son? Skip the treehouse and get busy on your very own underground pot bunker!

David and Anthony Mundy, of Manchester, England, did just that and they’ve got the community service papers to prove it. MSN reports that the father/son pot-growing duo were busted for drug possession when law enforcement officials found a bunker dug out beneath their backyard, used to store 17 pot plants.

David Mundy, 54, reportedly spent hours digging out the bunker behind his Barr Hill Avenue property with his 29-year-old son, Anthony. They were sentenced at Manchester Crown Court to 15 week suspended jail sentences and 80 hours of community service, reports Manchester Evening News.

David also has to pay back the more than $20,355 he made from selling the pot door-to-door. The underground pot bunker contained about £8,000 (approx. $12,500) worth of weed.

“Mundy went to considerable lengths – quite literally – to keep his cannabis farm hidden,” said Detective Chief Inspector Dave Riddick. “What we discovered was an underground drugs den housed within a storage unit, and must have taken him many hours to build, hours that should have been spent earning his money legitimately like the rest of us do.”

“Thanks to Proceeds of Crime Act legislation, we are now able to ensure that people like Mundy cannot profit from their criminal endeavors,” he said.

On second thought, maybe you should skip the underground pot bunker and opt for the treehouse after all.