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Police Lieutenant Diana Lopez Demoted For Sexting Another Officer

Officer Diana Lopez demoted for sexting

Tuscon, AZ — Police Lieutenant Diana Lopez has been demoted to sergeant following an internal affairs investigation after she allegedly sent a subordinate officer sexually explicit photos and videos of herself while wearing her police uniform.

The lower-ranking officer, who was reportedly in a relationship with Lopez, supposedly passed around the pictures and videos to other cops.

According to AP, Lopez — who was the the Tuscon PD’s public information officer — used her personal cell phone for the alleged sexting activity which apparently occurred while she was off duty.

The Arizona Daily Star reports that in August 2012 “anonymous letters sent to the department and the City Attorney’s Office about Lopez prompted the probe.” The Star said that according to police investigators, “Lopez violated several department regulations, professional standards and a code of ethics.”

Lopez is considering appealing her demotion to patrol sergeant in the operations division administratively and/or filing a lawsuit against the city of Tuscon.

Tuscon Assistant Chief Kathleen Robinson wrote the following about the Diana Lopez matter:

“Lopez used extremely poor judgment in sending these images undermining her credibility as a commander. Her actions have negatively affected not only her reputation, but the reputation and mission of the Tucson Police Department.”

According to London’s Daily Mail, “it is believed that 13 people might have seen the footage — however no one admitted to it. The racy clips were never uncovered but there is ‘no doubt they exist,’ authorities said.”

Lopez’s cop boyfriend has not been publicly identified, but the investigation into this matter is apparently ongoing.

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9 Responses to “Police Lieutenant Diana Lopez Demoted For Sexting Another Officer”

  1. Moe Hasan

    I have to feel bad for this girl. I guess she thought she was in a relationship with somneone she could trust and he violated her trust by showing her photos to other guys? what an a hole.

  2. Robert Wright

    All that was needed was for the Commissioner of Police to SEVERELY SPANK HER in front of all of her workmates, friends and family. That is all she wanted in the first place.

  3. PJ Granieri

    Wonder is they'd treat a man this way…if a female officer ousted him. Good way fellow officer to take down a women prick…

  4. Daniel Taylor

    Guy is a jerk. Don't let him hide in the shadows. I am a 64 year old father of two daughters.

  5. Jonathon Brent

    Cops shooting innocent family pets? Fine. Cops shooting a racy picture meant for one person in private? OMG we gotta instigate and come down on this like a hammer!

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