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Flight Attendant Fired For Middle Finger Picture That Went Viral

Flight Attendant Fired For Middle Finger Picture

A flight attendant has been fired she gave the middle finger to passengers in the cabin, snapped a picture of the gesture and uploaded it to the internet.

Tatiana Kozlenko, a Russian flight attendant with Aeroflot airline, uploaded the image to Russia’s Facebook clone, Vkontakte. As those things tend to do, her expression of anger went viral. From Vkontakte it was uploaded to Twitter, where it got dozens of shares within hours of being posted.

The trouble for the flight attendant came when word got around to her superiors, the Telegraph reported. The flight attendant was called into a meeting and fired for her middle finger picture.

Appropriately enough, Aeroflat chose Twitter to address the scandal.

“Posting this photo shows Tatiana’s attitude towards passengers and her duties,” the company posted. “She acknowledged her fault when she spoke to her managers.”

Initial reports seemed to disagree with this side of the story, The Huffington Post reported.

“The hand isn’t mine, the plane is not my company’s!!!” the flight attendant posted.

It does appear that the gesture wasn’t made recently. Russia’s news agency RIA Novosti noted that the image was originally posted in October 2011 and only recently went viral when a Russian blogger tweeted it.

The flight attendant fired for her finger picture is in good company with others punished for careless posting. Shortly after the 2012 election, a 22-year-old Cold Stone Creamery employee posted a racist rant about Barack Obama on Facebook. After a media firestorm, the company decided to fire the employee and her threats were investigated by the Secret Service.

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15 Responses to “Flight Attendant Fired For Middle Finger Picture That Went Viral”

  1. Mark Daniels

    I hate to say it but I think that she deserved to get fired. Having been fired for less and even when in the right- I take no sympathy for some Cute-girl want to be diva not using her brain before her "diva-ness" makes her do something stupid.

  2. Alan H. Werner

    The only job she will be able to get, being russian, is in the porn industry in Budapest. There is
    a big market for fingers like hers. Your only as good as the people you hire! What an idiot.

  3. Anonymous

    She should have known better. If it was humor it was stupid. At some point this Facebook generation needs to realize they are not the center of the universe. Show some common sense, place some value in what you do. This speaks to a serious work ethic erosion amongst her generation. Ever hear of being thankful for a cushy job like that? If she didn't like it, find a different career. I also agree with some of the other posts. Since security measures increased after 911, stewardesses (oh, right, flight attendants) have pretty much become asses who push their teeny little bit of power as far as they can.

  4. Sam Estes

    She says it's not her, even if it was, give her a break. I've flown a lot over the years. I've seen a lot of people I would slap the shit out of or spit in they're coffee…If you've never felt like flipping someone off, you've never worked with the public or you are a liar!

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