Is Taylor Swift helping make our kids fat and unhealthy?

Is Taylor Swift Helping Make Our Kids Fat And Unhealthy?

Taylor Swift has joined forces with Diet Coke, and I really hope she just doesn’t know what she’s doing. Because if you think that kids in American are becoming too unhealthy, it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

Taylor Swift has 39,003,589 likes on her Facebook page. And Coca-Cola — whose Diet Coke Facebook page has a mere 1,985,186 — wants some of those fans. And so, Taylor will now be the new face of Coca-Cola’s diet soda. She will stand up to the youth of America with a winning smile and a can of Coke in her hand, claiming it as her “first love.” And millions of young girls around the country will be begging their parents to buy them Diet Coke because, when we’re young and we have idols, we want to do everything that they do.

And many parents aren’t helping the problem. Too many adults in American are undereducated about food and overweight because of it. Or maybe they’re educated about food but just don’t care enough to change. And that’s fine. There are things that I do that are probably unhealthy that I don’t really want to change anytime soon. My propensity to eat an entire pack of Mint Oreos by myself comes to mind.

But here’s the thing. I don’t let my three-year-old eat an entire pack of Mint Ore0s (which, in my defense, happens only on the very rare occasion that we even have processed cookies in the house). I may not make the best decisions for my health 100 percent of the time, but you’d better believe that I want what’s best for my kid.

And what’s best for my kid is to drink water, juice, milk. To stay away from junk and eat more fruits and vegetables. To grow up healthy and happy, so that when my daughters hit adolescence, they’ll only have to worry about teen tragedies like acne and crushes, instead of being bullied for their weight.

Swift's new endorsement deal with Diet Coke is stirring controversy.