Koch Media

‘Saints Row 4,’ ‘Metro: Last Light’ Scheduled For 2013

Although THQ filed for bankruptcy and auctioned off its assets to the highest bidder, Saints Row 4 and Metro: Last Light are expected to arrive at some point this year.

Koch Media has stated that it intends to release both titles at some point before the year is over. According to Cinema Blend, the company has “no doubt” that sequels to Saints Row and Metro will hit consoles during 2013.

Klemens Kundratitz said he expects Last Light to perform rather well in Europe. However, that doesn’t mean Koch expects Saints Row 4 to be a total flop. The company intends to give Volition enough room to create the sort of title gamers have come to expect from the franchise.

Kundratitz told GameIndustry:

“I think it would have been daunting two years ago, but we have really come a long way since we started publishing. Admittedly, we started small and focused on Europe, but we went step-by-step, making bigger bets and making bigger products. Not all of them have been successful, as with any publisher, but it’s been organic growth.”

The Escapist reports that publisher Deep Silver has not announced anything regarding a release date or which consoles would get the game. However, Saints Row design director Chris Stockman recently declared on Twitter that the next installment would arrive in August.

Stockman tweeted:

“hey just to let you know word around the campfire is SR4 is shipping on current gen consoles in late August.”

Before THQ filed for bankruptcy, Volition announced a proposed Saints Row 3 DLC called Enter the Dominatrix. However, it was later revealed the company had scrapped the expansion in favor of creating an entirely new Saints Row experience.

While Koch seems dedicated to getting the games released by the end of the year, it’s currently unknown when Saints Row 4 and Metro: Last Light will hit retail.