Scot Jacobson faces surgery for massive tumor, insurance says no

Scot Jacobson Faces Surgery For Massive Tumor, Insurance Says No

PENDLETON, Oregon – Scot Jacobson has a massive tumor requiring two risky surgeries, but his insurance won’t cover it.

Scot Jacobson has a steep personal climb coming and he has to carry 500 pounds of body weight and a basketball-sized tumor he named “Wilson”. He named it so after the volleyball used in the Tom Hanks film Cast Away.

Scot Jacobson, 50, must undergo two surgeries in the next few months. The father of eight must have a gastric bypass to get his weight down, and a procedure about four months later to remove the massive tumor from his abdomen.

According to the Huffington Post, Jacobson had the first surgery once before. He woke up to find the operation had been aborted because they were afraid he would bleed to death, so he isn’t looking forward to round two:

“It’s hard to get excited again. I’m afraid the same result may happen.”

Another hurdle in this operation is paying the cost of the $18,000 gastric bypass, which Jacobson’s insurance policy won’t cover. He has until February 22 to get a third of it.

Earlier this week, Scot Jacobson, a social worker, sat in a recliner in his living room and explained how he ended up in such a mess. He hays he’s tried several diets, and nothing works. If anything, they only seem to make it worse. According to Madison Square, Jacobson says:

“I’ve always been heavy. There isn’t a diet I haven’t tried.”

Scot Jacobson admits it’s not easy having his weight problem:

“People don’t know how maddening it is to hardly eat and still gain weight. … People stare and make comments.”

Peggy Ruiz, a fund raising organizer and friend, said she’s helping because of the Jacobsons’ three adopted sons:

“God didn’t give those boys a new dad just so they could lose him. I know how hard it was for Scot to admit, ‘I need help.’ He’s a very humble man who’s always willing to give of himself to others.”

It has yet to be known whether Scot Jacobson will be able to get the money, due to his insurance problem, or survive the initial surgery for his massive tumor.