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Mom Pulls Gun At Chuck E. Cheese In Connecticut, Is Charged

mom pulls gun in chuck e cheese.

Police say a mom pulled a gun on another woman at a Connecticut Chuck E. Cheese and has been arrested and charged after the incident in Newington this week.

The mom who police say pulled the gun in Chuck E. Cheese, going so far as to chamber a round before the situation de-escalated, has been identified in the press as Tawana Bourne, 30.

The mom who pulled the gun at Chuck E. Cheese has a State of Connecticut pistol permit that is valid, NBC Connecticut reports, and the sparring females were separated before any injury or firearm discharge occurred. Reports indicate the altercation broke out at around 8 pm Monday at the Newington location of the chain and that, after police arrived, Bourne was charged with “breach of peace, three counts of risk of injury to a minor, threatening in the second degree and reckless endangerment in the first degree.”

In response to the incident, Chuck E. Cheese issued a lengthy statement about the near-gunplay this week. The release began:

“We are aware of an incident that occurred in our Newington, Conn., store on the evening of Monday, Feb. 4, in which a patron threatened another patron with a handgun. The store manager and staff acted immediately, followed proper safety procedures and contained the incident until local police officers arrived. As a result, there are no injuries to report and we are thankful for the dedicated service of community law enforcement and the swift actions of our alert staff members.”

Chuck E. Cheese also clarifies that the chain is reviewing its safety procedures in light of the incident and says that the woman was legally in the clear due to her valid permit but still violated private property rules about weapons in the kid-friendly establishment:

“In all of our stores around the country we display very visible signs prohibiting entry with weapons or firearms without exception. While the patron in question has a valid State of Connecticut pistol permit, she was in clear violation of this order on private property and our staff acted accordingly.”

chuck e cheese mascot

The statement concludes:

“In the interest of our patrons, Chuck E. Cheese’s will work with the police fully during their ongoing investigation and therefore cannot offer more detail at this time.”

Do you think moms (and dads) should be able to carry guns in Chuck E. Cheese or similar establishments?

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14 Responses to “Mom Pulls Gun At Chuck E. Cheese In Connecticut, Is Charged”

  1. Hugo Rafael Chavez

    THE INQUISITER SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEIR REPORTERS QUESTION….Do you think moms (and dads) should be able to carry guns in Chuck E. Cheese or similar establishments? WHAT A STUPID QUESTION TO ASK..AS FOR YOU KIM LACAPRIA…I'D FIRE YOU IF YOU WORKED FOR ME…YOU NEED A NEW JOB!

  2. James Madden

    I agree wholeheartedly with Hugo! And that woman an example should be made of her….A very harsh example nobody would complain I'm sure of that!

  3. Ann Kennedy

    Same people who bring guns, fights, and shootings to our Chuck E Cheese near Chicago.

  4. Bob Szabo

    Why would you pull a gun out in the first place? I can see if you families lives were at stake.

  5. Kenneth Edward Polley

    I carry my gun every time I leave the house. And I have even taken it to a chuckie cheese! You may need to defend you and yours at anytime, and having your gun in the truck or at home isn't going to help you. If you don't believe me ask the woman who watched both of her parents murdered at Luby's Cafeteria, and her gun was 30 yards away safely in her car. When businesses start guaranteeing me that no bad guy with a gun will show up, then I will leave my guns at home! Until then I'm going to keep carrying everywhere!

  6. Lynn Palm

    Thank you NRA. Let's all carry guns. Maybe Chuck E. Cheese should pack some heat?

  7. Mark L Hayhurst

    First are we suprised this happened in conneticut. Second who takes thier kids to ckuck e cheese at 8pm?

  8. Kenneth Edward Polley

    You don't have to pack heat, but when the bad guy with a gun comes to do harm to you or yours, remember you decided having a gun for protection was a bad idea! Guns are like, parachutes usually the first time you need one and don't have one, you probably won't ever need one again!

  9. Wilhelm Von Mayer

    Let me guess…. They were black and in the 19 to 35 age range and probably gang members. There is your Chicago weapons ban at work. Criminal stays armed… law abiding disarmed.

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