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Britney Spears’ Tiny Car Jaunt!

britney spears tiny car

Did you see Britney Spears in a tiny car cruising around Los Angeles?

Spears’ tiny car is the tiniest, a Smart car, and the pop queen has been bustling around in the little vehicle ever since she downsized in the fall. While the micro compact doesn’t have a lot of room for an entourage, Spears’ tiny car is good on gas and better on the environment — plus, it’s a relative cinch to park in a town where cars are everywhere and parking can be a hassle.

Us Magazine spotted the pop tart out joyriding in her Smart car this week, reporting that Brit Brit seemed to enjoy her low-key ride and saying:

“On Monday, Feb. 4, the former X Factor judge took her Mercedes-Benz Smart car for a spin to go to a business meeting. With her bodyguard beside her in the eco-friendly vehicle — a white model with glossy black detailing — the “Hold it Against Me” singer, 31, looked at ease as she cruised down the street.”

But while Spears’ tiny jaunt revealed the singer looking happy and relaxed, the mag also reports some looming personal static involving former Mickey Mouse Club castmate and first love Justin Timberlake, who many believed lashed out at Brit during a recent performance.

Us reports that Justin did the hit song many think is about Britney, and the mag says:

“Talking to the standing-room crowd before singing his hit song ‘Cry Me a River’ — the kiss-off anthem he wrote after his breakup with Spears in 2002 — the 32-year-old entertainer reportedly said, ‘Sometimes in life, you think you found the one, but then one day you find out that she is just some bitch.’ “

little tykes smart car

Timberlake later denied referencing Spears in the remark.

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One Response to “Britney Spears’ Tiny Car Jaunt!”

  1. Harvey Lain

    It may be made by a subdivision of Mercedes Benz but then so was Chrysler. It is NOT a Mercedes-Benz. Unless it's your only car (which is ridiculous in and of itself) then only the fairly well to do can afford to own one. It's priced above many real cars and is too small to be used for much other than light-duty around town shopping. The only thing good that I see about it is that it's ten times as good looking as a Fiat 500 and the interior at least doesn't look like a clown car, unlike the Fiat 500. (No, I do NOT like the Fiat 500. It is a joke.)

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